What’s good my people?! I hope everything is. Even if it doesn’t seem as if everything is good, it would eventually be good if you want it to be and as a result, declare it to be good. You know it’s funny how sometimes when I ask people ‘What’s good?’ and they say ‘Nothing much’.  I am like ‘Nothing much ke?!’  ‘Nothing much is good?’ I prefer the ‘Everything is good’ reply, whether it feels or seems good, declaring goodness actually births goodness.  I don’t blame or judge them though, they’ve been so used to being asked ‘What’s up?’ and routinely replying ‘Nothing much’. So they reply with that, most times unconsciously. This is exactly one of the problems we have these days. Almost everything is done routinely, based on the normal level, based on the procedure. No genuine meaning in the motive behind most of the things we do or say. Notice I’m using ‘we’, so I am also guilty of this.  Anyway that’s not the major issue for today.
I have watched a couple of armed robbery or a stick-up scenes on TV. I praise God I have never actually experienced and will never experience such a thing in my life.  But from what I’ve seen, fear or reverence and surrender or submission are present in the victims of such. The moment the victim sees the gun or the weapon in the hands of the robber pointed towards him, he/she raises his/her hands real quick!  The victim doesn’t want to die so he/she surrenders his/her life to the person that is threatening to take his/her life. How ironical. As a result of the surrender, the man with the weapon is fully in charge.  Regardless of the victim’s financial and social status or reputation, whether huge or little, he/she has to forget all of that and pipe low!  
There’s this song I like very much. It’s titled ‘Casting Crowns’ by Nathaniel Bassey. I have been jamming this tune for a while then all of a sudden the meaning of the lyrics hit me…like a baseball bat! {Some of us just listen to songs without paying attention to the lyrics and actually understanding them. Nice melody, nice beats, shake body and we love the song!}  Anyway, Here are some of the lyrics: ‘Casting crowns, lifting hands, bowing hearts… all we’ve come to do’.  These lyrics are quite synonymous to the actions of the victim(s) of an armed robbery yeah? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Ehen, So what hit me was that casting crowns actually means removing your crown and putting it on the ground (Obviously! You must be thinking, like who didn’t know that). No vex, I know you know more than I do, I be learner. As I was saying…before your thoughts interfered, removing your crown is actually a way of forgetting your high reputation or what you have that makes you big, putting it one side and submitting it and yourself to someone or something of a higher authority. We can also say it is equivalent to humility.  Lifting hands on the other hand is a form of surrender. Surrender is a form of worship. So I think it’s safe to say that whatever or whoever we surrender to is indirectly being worshipped by us. Whoever or whatever we surrender to has a kind of charge over our lives. These meanings also apply to bowing hearts. Bowing is a form of submission. Who or what are you worshipping and submitting to?
The song I talked about above is directed to God Almighty. It’s a worship song to God. I may not be the most qualified to talk about worshipping God because I am not the best worshipper,  a chorister or music director, but I believe we were all created to worship our Creator. It’s not only for the choristers or musicians. Regardless of who or what you are, you were made to worship The One that made you. I personally don’t think there’s much distinction between praise and worship. We Nigerians have successfully separated them due to the tempo of the song, clapping of hands and movement of the body. That’s by the way though, as for today I’m on about who or what we worship and the attitude during the worship. Some of us have to be cajoled to dance while praising God, we have to be told to stand to our feet, we have to be told to do this and that in order to reverence our Maker. But if na thief enter person house with gun, we go pipe low in no time! No need to be told jack! It’s crazy. We are carried away in our supposedly big but actually little self during worship. We feel too big to genuinely, consciously and conspicuously worship God. I actually used to have an issue with dancing in church and all of that, I couldn’t just lose myself in God’s presence. Not like I was all swagged up sef. It was majorly shyness. But by God’s grace, that has changed. The funny thing is I’ve been told I don’t know how to dance. Who cares though? So far I’m using my body to praise and worship my Creator by dancing, I’m good. Bible says we should humble ourselves before God and He’ll exalt us in due time. The exaltation comes after we humble ourselves. You see ehn, this issue is broader than this so I might have to write serially on it. So watch out!
For now though, all I’m saying is, don’t worship or submit to the problems you have by surrendering to them, rather surrender (not just in your singing but your entire life) to The One who can exalt you above dem problems. Also, as you surrender to Him in worship in form of your lifestyle and singing…remember it’s 100% Him and 0% you, no room for shakara or big boy/big girl in His presence so…..PIPE LOW!
Thanks for reading. 


Eyin temi(My people) wazz hapnin?! I hope all is well with your spirit, soul and body. All is well with me too, thanks for asking. I’m sorry I have not been too consistent with my writing. Your boy has been busy serving the nation. Teaching is not beans. Dealing with kids has not been rice either but Baba God has been faithful. Also, Living with people of different tribes has taught me a lot these past months.  Anyway, service gist is for another day jare, that’s not why we are here.
Now to what we have on our plate for today… I’m sure most of you fast thinkers must have gone ahead of me to dissect and pieces the topic or title in your mind(s), thinking ‘hmmm, I know what this guy wants to talk about jo, is it not about dressing properly, not sagging, not wearing mini skirts, not wearing dresses that expose delicate parts of the body..etc’  Err, sorry to burst your bubble but that’s not why we are here. We are here for something else. So come back to where my mind is.
We all like quality stuff. Quality designer stuff. Like dem Nike Air Force ones, Adidas Sneakers, Timberland shoes, T.M Lewin, Gucci, LV, D & G, Giorgio Armani, Gigi Buffon…etc.  I’m sure my guys would be like “Gigi buffon ke?”  Please don’t crucify me, the name just sounds like a designer’s name.  I guess that’s as far as I know or can go with the designer names. You know how celebrities get interviewed on the red carpets at major or minor events and the person interviewing goes ‘So what are you wearing?’ then the celebrity starts from the head to the toe. It’s really cool you know. When you are wearing authentic stuff and you actually know the value of what you are wearing, you say it with confam confidence and pride. Like a boss!  As for me, I hardly even know the name of the perfume I use. No time, I just want to smell good (yea I know I need to work on that though). Sometimes or most times, when you are wearing authentic or fake stuff, you don’t even need to speak. The quality of what you are wearing can speak for itself.
The red carpet is like the earth we live in. Where the show off of what we are really made of occurs. The interviewers are like the people we meet or relate with everyday, as well as the situations we face everyday. These people and situations are always asking us the question ‘Hey, What are you wearing?!’ it’s either we respond vocally or what we are wearing would speak for itself.  Now let’s get a bit spiritual…….
We are quite familiar with the scripture that says as Christians, we are to put on the whole armor of God. The shield of faith, sword of the Spirit, Helmet of salvation, breastplate of righteousness, you know the rest (Ephesians 6:13-18). You see, I have learnt to not limit the interpretation of scripture to just one. The Word of God is multidimensional. Let the Holy Spirit be the guide of the perspectives in which you see the scripture from.  That’s by the way though!     Another scripture says we are to put on Christ (Rom13:14) then another one talks about us being the ‘Aroma/Fragrance of Christ’ to God and to the people around us (2Cor2:14-16). The things we put on have designers or manufacturing brands. Whether it’s make-up, perfume, dresses or shoes, the value of the designer is attached to his/her reputation. Also, the reputation of the designer can affect the reputation of the ‘wearer’ of the product.  As a ‘Big boy/girl’, you obviously can’t be wearing things of little or no value. Doing such can tarnish your ‘Big boy/Big girl’ image or reputation.
The same thing goes for we Christians, we can’t just be wearing anyhow things. By ‘things’, I don’t mean physical dresses and all. I mean in form of character, in form of attitude. The things we are to wear have been designed by Christ Jesus, The Master Designer. The Designer with the best and highest reputation ever. Scripture says The Lord is The Spirit, it also says the fruit of The Spirit is love. This fruit contains other character traits like joy, longsuffering, kindness, gentleness..etc (2cor3:17, Gal5:22). {There is a big connection between Gal5:22-23 and 1Cor13:4-8}.  A fruit is a product. Jesus and The Holy Spirit are one. Hence, the product of Jesus is love, which yields others as mentioned above. The fact that you can’t see these traits manifest doesn’t mean they are not present, just like the fact that you don’t wear a Polo shirt that you have doesn’t mean you don’t have it in your wardrobe. As, Christians, these things we are to put on that have been designed by Christ, are in us, right in our spirit man(where The Spirit resides), we just need to bring ‘em out and practically put ‘em on.
So we are to respond to the world’s question of “Hey, What are you wearing?” by practically showing love in form of gentleness, longsuffering, kindness, faith, joy, meekness, goodness and temperance to the people we meet everyday and to the situations we are faced with everyday. This way, we are saying “Hey, I’m putting on Jesus Christ all through!” or “Hey, I’m putting on joy, goodness, kindness, faith..etc all designed by Jesus Christ!”


Enjoyment…….. Some years ago, Olu Maintain made the popular song Yahooze that has the lyrics (translated to English): ‘some people have come to life to work, some people have come to life to make money, some have come to life to enjoy life, some have come to life to drink’   ‘Enjoy life’ here has many definitions based on different perspectives and beliefs. So I’m here thinking, what does it actually mean to enjoy life? A particular set of people may say, it means to travel overseas, to sleep daily in an air-conditioned room, to eat good food, to watch movies, to have money, to be comfortable, to be retired, to sleep for a very long period, to have a pretty damsel beside you looking into your eyes when you wake up every morning, to have no worries (which someone claimed to be impossible, hence enjoying life is impossible) hmmm. A particular friend said, ‘to enjoy life is all about the mindset and the attitude’ he went on to say that someone can have money and not enjoy life while someone can be poor and still not enjoy life, he also said a rich person can be wealthy and enjoy life and a poor person can also enjoy life, regardless of his financial status. Whether rich or poor, his countenance portrays enjoyment. It’s all about the mindset, attitude and perspective. Another friend of mine said it’s all about freedom or liberty. This definition hit me like a baseball bat (figuratively, that is…… Obviously!). If a blind man was to be asked to give his own definition, he’ll probably say it means, to have sight. But when he gets this sight and begins to see, his perspective of enjoying life would change because he has began to see things from a different angle. When he receives his sight, he has been set free from the bondage of blindness.  Another blind man may have a different perspective, he would definitely love to receive sight but at the same time still be able to enjoy life even in that blind state. So, it’s a two way thing. Cos really, the fact that you are disabled in one way or the other or don’t have some certain abilities you wish you had, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy life. You might have your own definition as well, depending on whatever you want to base it on, be it experience, belief or something you read. You can share it as you comment.
As for me, I would say enjoying life involves freedom, enlightenment, perspective, mindset and outlook. It’s more like the end result is the outlook. Someone that is in bondage, someone that is blind (physically or/and spiritually), someone with the wrong perspective and a faulty mindset or mentality would definitely have a dull outlook and hence, wouldn’t portray that he or she is not enjoying life. I believe you can’t enjoy anything if you don’t actually have joy within you. Joy, not happiness. Happiness is based on pleasure that is triggered by things or people around you. So the moment there is no triggering by anything or people, there is no happiness. It is based on feelings. Joy on the other hand, is not dependent on what happens outside, something doesn’t exactly need to happen around you for joy to be present. I’m a great believer in naming and the meaning behind it or the effect of the name on the individual. For example, I was given the name, Ayobami (Joy has come to me) and I can testify that joy has been indeed present in my life. It has even been more present since I got set free from the bondage of sin through Jesus, since I began to get enlightened through God’s word and since my mindset began to change thanks to God’s word as well. So all this result to a bright outlook. Those that know me well know that I shine my teeth a lot and laugh a lot. I’m forever grateful to God for this attitude.
In John10:10, Jesus said something awesome. From the amplified translation, ‘The thief comes only in order to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance (to the full, till it overflows)’ There are born again Christians out there that still don’t have this bright outlook as a result of enjoying life. This is due to the fact that what Jesus actually said was ‘that they may have and enjoy life’ so it’s conditional, it’s up to you and I to actually accept that life and consciously enjoy it on a daily basis. Jesus gives joy, He gives life (the real life), and gives the ability to enjoy the life. All we need to do is to receive the offer and the ability and change our attitude and mindset towards enjoying life. It is the bright outlook that shows the overflow of that life and attracts others to us and the source of our joy (Jesus). So my people, na how you take see am o, you can’t have joy without Jesus and even when you have Jesus, you still have to consciously receive and enjoy that life He came to give us in everything we do. 


Mr Claykinson and Mr Chairman lived in the same environment for a very long time before they diverged and moved on. They grew up in the same neighborhood and lived the struggle life but looking at both of them now you could tell the discrepancy of appearance and disposition. Nothing had changed in Mr Claykinson’s life, same old brown-looking-not-very-clean man while a whole lot had changed in Mr Chairman’s life, brown looking as well but looking, feeling and acting beautifully polished.  The two of them decided to hang out at a restaurant one day. Their conversation goes thus:

Mr Claykinson : Chair baba how far now?  Long time no see!

Mr ChairmanMy oga clay! Yeso, long time. I dey well. How are you?

Mr Claykinson : I am alright my brother, still avoiding that Mr Man jare. Him and his promises to make me a better person if I can allow him. I no fit trust am.

Mr ChairmanOga clay you and this your everlasting disbelief in Mr man. Are you sure it’s not more than this disbelief?

Mr ClaykinsonYeso, my trust issues but oh boy, I am too messy abeg! I doubt if Mr man would be interested in me with all my yama-yama. In other news, my guy see as you freshhh, tah you are looking brand new! Bobo show me the way na

Mr Chairmanhaha na the same Mr man you dey run from dey do am o. Remember back then – even though I’m made of wood- I was quite as messy as you are now; looking unkempt. Although he took me through series of processes to beautify me like this, it wasn’t easy o, I just had to trust him and endure the painstaking processes. You sef allow am o, remember he was kuku the one that brought us to this environment we lived together as kids.

Mr Claykinson : Wow! You don’t mean it! You mean that Mr man did this?! I used to think he was just one man with so much history about how he brought us to this environment o. Okay I would think about it, my brother.

Now I know this may not be the best conversation trend ever but I believe you should get a little of the picture, if not all of it. I am not an expert in the field of ceramics or works of potters but one thing I know is, by merely looking at a clay, a potter sees what that clay can become, he sees the beauty in the clay even in its present messy state. He sees beyond the mess. Just like every refining or pruning process, he gets rid of the thing causing the messiness in the clay, i.e the impurities. Let me not get all chemistry on you with all dem terms. He would remove the thing causing the yama-yama, ehen. The removal is done so as to commence the beautification process.

This is the little I know about potters and clays but one other major thing is the fact the clay cannot be beautified if it is just lying aimlessly on the ground or probably avoiding the Mr man (i.e the potter in this case), it has to be in the hands of the potter for it to be beautifully transformed by the potter.

This analogy obviously isn’t rocket science. We as human beings are naturally messy (Especially when we don chop something wey pass our bele). Even in our messy state, we crave beauty. It’s one thing craving beauty, it’s another thing to get up and get the beauty.

God wants to remold us (you and i) into something much better than what we are presently. So we need to go to Him to undergo that beautification process. Just like a girl, lady or woman, It takes quite a long time to get your hair done beautifully at a salon…but it’s worth the long wait right?  On the plus side, we have God – flawless in everything He has done, He is doing and will ever do – who is wonderfully interested in taking away our mess and beautifying us, provided we go to Him.

By His grace, I am already undergoing the beautification process and I am inviting you to join me if you are not undergoing it yet. Genuinely give your life to Christ Jesus today, ask Him to forgive you for your sins(mess) and to come into your heart. Begin the beautiful transformation today! Jesus loves you and can’t wait to start transforming you!
( Ref: see Jeremiah 18:1-6)


This is a statement/sentence/lyric I like very much. Not because I am a big fan of drake or anything, I guess I just like the way he said it in the song and most especially because of the motive of achievement behind it. The feeling of achievement is certainly a wonderful one.   Now I don’t know if this is an engrossing introduction to the yan I want to yan  today but whichever way I hope you keep reading as I pour out the things I presently have on my mind by pressing words…….get it? Press wor..? nah never mind.
I have noticed something about testimony time in churches these days, or at least in the churches I have attended. The duration attached to testimony time  during services seems too short for me sometimes. For some reason I observed that after giving a testimony or some testimonies, I don’t feel satisfied. I feel restrained, due to the time factor, to quickly testify so I usually forget to give other testimonies. Anyway, I thank God I have a lot to thank God for. I am sure even you reading this would have a lot to thank Him for. Afterall, you have eyes and brain to see and read all you have been reading so far. You can even hear what you are reading. You even have the mouth to vocally criticize this post as much as you want. Man you also have the fingers to positively or negatively type a comment on this post. How fortunate and blessed you are! That’s by the way though.
So back to why we are here, I want to thank God for distinctively seeing me through my BSc education in industrial chemistry, Caleb University. I had been told its best to start very well. But it all started very awkward, having missed 3 months of the first semester of my first year, with just some weeks to exams I didn’t know how exactly I was going to pull this off. During these 3 months I missed I was already trying to get used to life as a foundation student in Unilag. Mind you, the admission to caleb uni came before the foundation admission of unilag but I thought to myself ‘maaan, who knows caleb uni compared to Unilag’ , I mean like half of my ss3 homies were going to lag so I snubbed caleb’s admission. Oh boy, life in lag was so much struggle, change of course issues, accommodation issues etc. It seemed like I was forcing everything to happen for my good. Last last it occurred to me that I couldn’t continue there. This left me with 2 choices – retaking JAMB or inquiring if I could still get into caleb. After much thought, I went for the latter. So after inquiring, I did all that was required and resumed. Making new friends all over again, photocopying lecture notes I had missed, writing tests, doing assignments and crazily reading for exams. All these in the space of 2-3 weeks or so. It wasn’t beans, neither was it rice but God helped me. The mind-blowing thing is that I didn’t even have a relationship with God through Jesus as at then, just some little faith based on church services and devotion times, but Baba came through for me during this period. I remember when the HOD of physics said some painful things to me that almost made me tear up. All because I was just resuming and wanted him to sign the physics part of my course form. He accused me of resuming late and thinking I could just come anytime and cheat my way through till the end. Ah, e pain me! After everything, he still didn’t sign and what pained me the most was the fact that he wasn’t even the one to sign for me. But reminiscing on that now, I believe it was all part of God’s plan, for me to meet him and hear all he said and use it to inspire me to work hard and all.  Exams came, with my little faith in God, I did my best, fell ill towards the end. New semester was here and it was time to check results, was quite scared but when I heard my results, I just knew…like the magicians in the days of moses, that this was the finger of God. So I decided to take God seriously and He began to take me more seriously and kept taking me high academically beyond my imaginations and what I believed I was capable of.
March 2012, God saved me. He saved me from the power of sin, from many things, among which was my faulty mentality of already being saved because God was helping me with school and I was consistent in going to church and for devotion and tweeting about God. Then I started seeing things from a much better perspective. Thank God for Jesus!
I have a lot to share with you and thank God for but this is where I would like to stop. I am just using this as an avenue to share these testimonies. At least here I don’t have to quickly talk and end up forgetting some things. I thank God for seeing me through the ups and downs I experienced, for healing during times of sickness, for provision, protection, His love, grace and mercy and most importantly for saving me during my time there and making me finish in flying colors. So I can say, Started from the bottom now I’m here! or better still, started from the bottom now I’m saved! (if you ain’t saved, you missing!)  Now I know that it was all God’s plan, going to lag then resuming at caleb late, giving me no other choice but to work hard and trust Him , then drawing me to Him through His help in my academics, I had always been an average student but He lifted me up and out of darkness into His marvelous light. God will go any length to draw you to Him, so be wise, get the picture, accept His love offering (in form of the cross) and get close to Him while you can.   HE LOVES YOU AND WANTS TO HELP YOU TOO.
Started from the bottom now we here? Nah man, we never reach…with God we stay heading to the top, got no business with gravity.


It is expedient for you to know that this is probably one of the most random posts you are ever going to read in your life. I am saying this because I have a lot in my mind I would like to write about, the problem is I just don’t know where exactly to start from.
The 1st thing on my mind as I write this is how I am going to write a perfect post, you know…a post that can inspire you the reader to do something good with your life or make a good decision that would benefit you in the near future and also to get encouraging comments or compliments for such a perfect and wonderful post. But that is the issue nowadays, we all want to be so perfect and flawless in whatever we do that we almost, if not entirely, live out being as real as we can and should be in all we do. This issue as a result has led to the rampant increase in ‘china-made’ products in the world (or my world). By ‘china-made’ products, I don’t mean phones, gadgets and all. I mean ‘china-made’ attitudes. The desperate pursuit of perfection has led to compromising originality. Everyone wants to be like the other person, not caring or doing any research on what the person has gone through in life to get to where he or she is at the moment. Whether it’s decent or not, ‘I just wanna be like that guy or that babe’. Now don’t misconstrue me, I am not saying admiring or looking up to someone is a bad thing. I have realized, from the little time I have spent on earth, that there is a very thin line between admiring/looking up to someone and mimicking/imitating the person. Mimicking the person becomes a major problem if he or she does not have a decent personality. You end up following the person’s footsteps and creating for yourself an indecent personality which in turn can lead another person looking up to you to the same or even more indecency. In a nutshell, as Joyce Meyer said, No one can be you-er than you and that’s truer than true’.  Be yourself, through your lifestyle follow and create steps that would lead whoever is following you to a decent and godly personality.
Another thing on my mind as I write this is the issue of not knowing exactly what the future holds for me. Because of this issue, I can decide to sit down and begin to worry about what to do after my 1st degree, where to go, why I am on earth, how to go about doing what I am to do after school and how to go about going to where I am to go and all. I can actually spend a whole day worrying about all these and many other things I haven’t even mentioned here.  The reason why I may decide to do this, as I have realized, is based on the fact that we live in a worrisome environment where the reaction of an average person to a challenging situation is to worry. I have learnt that worrying about an issue does not solve the issue, it rather gives the issue more siblings. Jesus has already told us in Matthew 6; 2534 that worrying about tomorrow doesn’t add an hour to our life, so why on earth should I even decide to worry in the 1st place. One mind-blowing thing about what He said in this text is that; even the animals and plants that are lower than the humans do not worry about tomorrow, that means worrying is a very belittling act in which humans engage in.
Hence, instead of worrying about what my future holds, I decide to be happy because I know the One that holds my future and He has a bright future for me, so no lele!! I substitute the decision to be worrisome for being happy and trusting Jesus to get me to that bright future. If you are in my shoes, having the same issue, I advise you to do the same.
These are the things on my mind. Thanks for reading.

What was i feeling like?

A nice Sunday afternoon it was at home, then I was sent to a nearby eatery to get some food. Now me, in the spirit of trying to perfect my driving, decided to go on this errand with my mum’s car alongside her driver. My father who had not seen me drive happened to be where the car was parked, so I felt it would be really nice to impress him you know. I thank God I didn’t disappoint, he was impressed with the way I reversed and drove out. This kinda got me gassed up for the journey to the eatery which is normally about 10-15minutes.
And so I drove to the destination smooth & sound, no problems no wahala. Went in to get the food, got back into the car to embark on the journey back home. Started the car, reversed and I was back on the main road. I should have no problems with this obviously, I mean it was the same path I drove on when coming so its no biggie.
Then this feeling came, where it came from exactly, I don’t know. But at that point it was a wonderful feeling, I felt like I had been driving for yearsss and stuff, like I owned the road or something. I think even my mum’s driver was probably overdosed on confidence as concerning my driving so he picked his phone and was making a call. Now approaching a junction I was to make a turn to the left. Mind you, the ‘bad-guy’ feeling was still present, as well as my mum’s driver still on the phone.
So I made the turn, before I knew what was happening, like the toothpaste, the car was closing up on the incoming car from the other road. I turned to a disc-jockey on the wheels of steel scratching the incoming car. Right at this point, the ‘bad-guy’ feeling in which I had no idea of its exact source went back to that unknown source. Then 2 other feelings came in to replace it , a very bad combo of feelings I must say. Now I am sure you would know that by now, the driver’s phone call would have ended (either willingly or unwillingly). Now the new 2 feelings I was talking about were fear and confusion. Deadly guys! In trying to avoid making it worse I drove away from the car I just scratched, then in full speed almost ran into the next incoming car. The thing be like film for my eye.
Thank God for Jesus who literally took the wheel from this point and then the car stopped.
Then the driver of the car I scratched came down (probably coming to rant and tell me how much my ‘gbese’ was ) so I started begging with that ‘abeg I be learner’ look…me that was feeling like a bad guy on the wheel before. Hmm how feelings are quick to change. Thank God,again.. the guy pitied me & left. The driver of the other car I almost hit came down too and started saying stuff like how or why would I be learning in such a place. Talking to a young man that felt he owned the road a couple of minutes ago. *sigh* How feelings are quick to change. Well, we left the place and got back home.
Anyway, experience is a teacher right?(a good or bad one, depends on the consequences) so I thought I should share this experience with you to show you how experience taught me that some feelings come and go fast. Be careful and be quick to gauge the kinda feelings you welcome. Also taught me that, no matter how good you’re in something, never feel like you own the road! In other words, don’t be feeling like a ‘bad-guy’ before the ‘bad-guy’ feeling would make u feel like a true learner that you are.

Outta the jinx!

Finally! I’m finally writing! wooohoo! good to back,though i never left,I was just waiting…patiently waiting for the perfect moment to start but you know what they say(wait o,what do they actually say?) somethimg like ‘don’t wait for the moment,grab or seize the moment..blah blah’. Anyway! the issue is I’m writing now,thank God.

Okay truth be told,I don’t really have anything in particular to write but I want you to stay hooked to this blog as I press words (get it?presswords – wordpress? ok forget) for you to read. But I would love to type some really inspiring stuff to inspire you as you read,you know,something like ‘if you fall down,you gotta get back up’ like ‘if you fail a test,make sure you keep your head up and prepare better for the next one’  like ‘the past is the past so let it pass like Paul Scholes or Xavi’ you know,some deep stuff like ‘It is Well!’  *sigh* Maybe as I improve as a writer,things like that would come until then,stay tuned! or rather,stay pressed! better still,stay blessed!


Better days

Better is the end than the beginning,solomon said

So through the eyes of faith,I see better days ahead

Well that leaves me ignoring some of the things I’ve heard

Then living and building upon the things I’ve read

Right now,a lot of things are happening

A lot of ups and downs,life is like a trampoline

But I gotta look way beyond everything I’m seeing

Making my conviction based on the things that are unseen

Today looks kind of blurry

Its like I can’t wait for tomorrow,I’m boosted in hurry

So I’m spending more time praying just to kill the worries

I’m giving my load to Christ because its heavy like some Lagos lorries

Because He said ‘come to me you who are heavy laden and I will give u rest’

Now I’ll just lean back,relax and let my faith manifest

Cos hey,I’m too blessed to be stressed

Its a phase in life i gotta pass

Because I know that this is just a test.

I have a dream

I have a dream that one day we are going to work it out

That some day,everything is going to be sorted out

If you aren’t in my shoes you won’t know what I’m talking about

Though it may seem impossible like a whispering tout

I know my redeemer liveth

Instead of living with regrets and getting depressed

Or easing my pain through weed or cigarettes

I’ll just relax and let God’s glory manifest

So just like Dr. Martin Luther King,I also have a dream

To be amongst the final winning team

The team that would get to heaven and worship the King of kings

Lord of lords,Prince of peace,the creator of every being

I have a dream that one day everyone would turn to Jesus and be saved

That the stupid ones would start to behave

That the timid ones would get brave

And the enslaved ones would finally be free and get out of their unknown caves.

I have a dream