It is always exciting to see a good friend you haven’t seen in a very long time, and even more exciting to see that good friend in an unprecedented manner. Especially when you guys didn’t end your last conversation very well or didn’t say goodbye properly and exchange numbers or any form of contact whatsoever. Okay, let’s even bring it down a little bit. Let’s say this person isn’t even a good friend, but just some random guy that paid for your food or saved you from a life-threatening mishap. Let’s look at it from a very hungry but broke man’s point of view. He’s seated in his favourite restaurant one Sunday evening and the waiter brings his favourite meal (just the way he loves it) to him and tells him that someone has already paid for the meal and wants to remain anonymous. Anony what?! Of course, he would definitely love to see this person that did such a huge favour for him in order to express his gratitude. But sadly, he can’t. So he goes home and feels this urge or eagerness to finally meet this person one day. One day, just to say “Thank you”. Days, weeks, months and years go and he still hasn’t met this person. After a while, it may seem like he has forgotten but that urge would always arise whenever he goes to his favourite restaurant. The day finally comes when he meets this Good Samaritan, he runs to him and says (with so much excitement), “My guy!!! Chai! Na you be this?! I don de find you since tey. Thanks a lot for the other day. God bless you abeg!”
The analogy is almost a perfect example of how my reaction would be when I finally see people like Jesus, King Solomon, Apostle Paul, Joyce Meyer, Dr Myles Munroe, M.I Abaga, Lecrae, Cristiano Ronaldo, the person that invented books, and the person that invented football. I was told to write on just one person (that is alive) I would love to meet and what I would discuss with the person. But it is very hard to choose just one person. Jesus is definitely an easy decision. Apart from Him though, picking one among the other people I mentioned would be very hard. Simply because these people have touched my life greatly without even physically meeting them. So even if some of them are dead physically, their words and legacy keep them alive to me. I would try to talk about meeting a few of them.
When I finally see Jesus, I would first of all hug Him and thank Him for taking my place on the cross. Then I would ask Him how He was able to do all He did. How He agreed to God’s plan of Him coming to die and rise for the world (that didn’t really send Him, because you see ehn, sometimes it can be hard for me to sacrifice just dodo or pomo, especially if it’s the last piece). How He was able to control Himself and not vex and mess dem persecutors up when they falsely accused Him in front of Pontius Pilate. How He was able to handle criticism like a boss. How He was able to answer questions with such wisdom. How we can totally relate to how He felt when He told God to let the cup of the cross pass away but was still willing to let God have His way. That thing no easy o. I can go on and on but I would stop here.
When I see Apostle Paul ehn, I would be like “My guy!! Chai! Na you be this?! Thanks a lot for the epistles! God bless you abeg!” Life-giving letters! They are forever a blessing to me. I would ask him about how it felt to be on the side of the people he had persecuted for many years. Did he feel like how a football player would feel when he leaves his team for a more superior rival team? Oh, I must ask him how he was able to hold himself without getting married! My goodness, what a strong man. I would tell Him I’m a huge fan of the way he wrote and the way he addressed issues. I would tell him how I so love his realness. No forming. Baba de talk the matter as e be and as e de hot. I would also ask Him how he was able to get all those deep revelations that he shared in his epistles. Then maybe lastly, I would ask him to confirm if he was truly the one that wrote the book of Hebrews because clarity is still needed as touching who actually wrote that book.
When I see King Solo ehn, I would first ask him what exactly he was on when he wrote the book of Ecclesiastes because till today that book can mess with one’s mind anyhow. Then I would thank him for the book of proverbs and hail him for the romantic lines he dropped in Songs of Solomon. Baba agba, Twale!
To be continued…


I remember when I spent my summer in Surulere back in 2014. I had a great time at Dagogo’s place. Dagogo Hart Dagogo, a true brother from another mother. A guy that left his Physics WAEC practical exam to help me out when I was missing my way. His home is like my second home any day and anytime. He has a wonderful family with one of the greatest mothers ever! They took me (during my GCE, JAMB and WAEC days) in like I was actually part of their family. I would never forget them. Anyway, so I spent some weeks there when Dagogo was in town in 2014. I think we played game every single day. And that was where I learnt the saying – “You thought abi??” Funny stuff. It was used whenever we were playing FIFA and one of the persons playing tries to score and misses or when he behaves like he is in control then the other person scores or wins the game. Then the person that wins or scores now goes “You thought! You thought aaabi?!” In the loser’s mind, he would be thinking to himself, “and I actually thought o, chai”

So that is just a background introduction. Today I thought and believed that since I had been pulling some cocky stunts on the weather, I could carry on by not wearing a jacket or hoodie. And so, I did it. I went to church with no jacket, just my cardigan. I was warm enough.

In church, the Pastor reminded me (in his teaching) of how unstable our feelings or emotions can be. It is so unstable. Hmm, maybe that’s why feelings are called “e-motions”? Because they are always on the move? One minute they are here, the other minute they are there. Like guy just calm down naa and stay one place! The Pastor compared the instability to the British weather (In the morning it’s quite warm, a while later it’s really cold).  At that point, I thought I could relate to the comparison so I was feeling the teaching. But when church ended and I was heading home, my ability to relate to that comparison increased. I could relate more simply because, like human feelings, the British weather just manifested its true self by being unstable. It was colder than when I was coming.  Talk about practical experience! I guess that is what experience does, it brings to life what one has theoretically learnt. See me thinking my dressing was warm enough for the journey to and fro. See me thinking I could perfectly relate to the Pastor’s comparison while still seated in church. Only for me to go outside and the weather was like “lol, you thought aaabi?!”

So my deduction is, the human feelings, just like the British weather, cannot be trusted. Man must act based on the truth that he knows and not merely on British weather like feelings.


It’s funny how starting to write an article can seem like the most difficult part of writing. I remember looking at the topic or what this article should be about and wondering how I am going to start and even more bewildering, what I am going to write about. But I am determined to grow as a writer so this is me, writing anyway.

We all have that moment when we need to sleep but can’t seem to close our eyes and actually get some sleep. For some people, this may be due to deep thoughts of a loved one. Others might experience this due to medical issues. But another set of individuals may experience this as a result of…..sleeping in the afternoon! Lol. I think we need to have some scientifically proven statistics for this situation to graduate into a theory or law, because it is still quite hypothetical to me. Make tiredness jam you first, if I hear sey sleep no go gather for your eye, afternoon nap or no afternoon nap.

Anyway, as for me, I tend to experience this situation as a result of anxiety. Maybe when I have a presentation coming up or something that involves facing the crowd or even a football match I have been looking forward to playing in. No matter how ready I am, my mind gets saturated with the thoughts of how it’s going to be. I start imagining how everything is going to happen. It’s almost like a burden. Like let it just come and go jare.

I remember when I was told – on a Champions League final day – that I would be the one to anchor the testimony session in the Sunday service which was the next day. I was still struggling with the shyness issue back then so I became quite unstable. I couldn’t even watch the final with a piece of mind. Yes I said “piece”. Because my mind was too divided to be in one piece. I was thinking of how it would be, what I would wear, what I would say and also trying to relaxingly watch the final all at once. I later went upstairs to play FIFA so as to inhibit the anxiety, but I could hardly concentrate on that as well. I can’t even remember if I struggled to sleep that night but all I can remember is that my mind wasn’t as calm as a troublesome baby asleep. The day came and everything went well. The funny thing is, when I experience something like this, and everything goes well or better than I expected, I wonder why I was even bothered or anxious in the first place.

Sometimes it is: I lay in bed and close my eyes to get some sleep but I can’t, because all I can think about is….tomorrow. What does tomorrow have in store for me? Is it good or bad? All I can think about is…..the future. Is the future even bright? Yes, I am the light of the world, but is my light bright enough to overcome this darkness that clouds my sight of the future?

Sometimes it is: I lay in bed and close my eyes to get some sleep but I can’t, all I can think about is today, why? Because it’s a new day and I can’t afford to miss that exam I have been preparing for after paying so much money for tuition and spending sleepless nights praying and reading. I can sleep after I ace it abeg.

Sometimes, we just worry too much.


As a football fan, I have easily fallen for any game that involves the sport. From paper table soccer to biro cover + button table soccer to kantas table soccer to football video games. That’s about how far I have gone for the love of the sport. Foil paper was a very valuable possession during the table soccer times. That was the best material used to make the ball. It was almost as if when anybody brought ice cream home, the thing that would come to mind is to ensure the security of the foil paper used to cover the ice cream. Fast forward and table soccer has been modernized. I had never for once fancied this modernized type of the game so I think I only tried playing it once when I was much younger. It just didn’t feel like the ones from back in the day. It’s funny how I just didn’t like or fancy the game even though I hadn’t given it a proper shot. I hadn’t given it the benefit of doubt. I just didn’t like it from afar. Sounds familiar? Just like how we just merely observe someone, judge and despise the person without even knowing him or her, without even giving the person a chance. Everybody na law person. Judges of the jungle. But when we then get to know the person, we secretly ask God for forgiveness for misjudging or underrating the individual. He or she then turns out to be the friend or family we hoped for but never had.  Crazy world.

Anyway, today I gave the modernized table soccer game (foosball) a chance in my life. Thanks to Francis, a friend I just made. He’s quite good in the game and he asked me about the game recently when he saw the table in the reception of my residence. I just showed my usual lack of interest in the game. But today, I decided to give it a go. We played and played till the 7th game. I lost 5 of the 7 games and won 2, but Francis can testify that I still gave him a hard time after understanding the game.

My people, lo and behold, I have fallen in love with the game! After all these years of disliking it from afar, I finally fell in love after giving it a chance. As a matter of fact, I am looking forward to the next game.

So I have been reminded from this experience, never to judge from afar, never to conclude or hate from afar, but to rather give that thing or person a chance. A shot. A benefit of doubt. I think it is safe to say that everything or person we encounter deserves to be understood first.



So I realized I have not been doing this journal thing well. I have been doing more of writing on my daily activities instead of writing on my observations each day. Oh well, I don’t really go out these days. The only thing that takes me out is either church meetings or food. Anyway, I am doing it right tonight.

I observed something today for like the second time. The breeze here can literally blow you to the ground. Another thing I have observed is that everybody is on their own here. What I mean is, nobody sends you, apart from the friends you have made here. Everyone is just going about their business. These two observations got me thinking. The major one being the breeze situation.

The breeze blowing is just like life. Life, blowing daily with challenges. If person no strong, person go just de fall anyhow. So one must stand firm in one’s beliefs, in one’s values and personal convictions, because anyone can just come with anything and if you are shallow and weak, you would easily fall. When walking in the cold and ‘kinetic’ breeze, I fix my hands in my jacket pockets. This, in a way, helps me get some form of balance against the breeze. So in life, man must stand firm and fix his faith on what he really believes regardless of whatever breeze of challenge that blows.

“If you don’t stand for something, you would fall for anything”. – Unknown

I hope this makes sense though.


As I write this, I am yet to know which particular incident I want to or should write about. I have written about my encounter with the police while driving and I have also written about my minor driving accident. Oh well.

I like the type of man I am becoming, or better still, I like the type of man God is transforming me into. It’s amazing to me because, when I look back at the type of guy I was, compared to my present self, I can see that a lot of things have changed. The mirrors I have used in my lifetime are one of my major witnesses. You may be wondering, “What is this guy saying? What on earth do mirrors have to do with witnessing? Abi is he trying to form grammarian, getting all figurative with the personification” If these are your thoughts, my reply is: Relax and let me land.

There was a time when I would look at my bald face in the mirror and wish and hope for a lovely goatee. Yes, a lovely goatee. There was just something about having a goatee. To me, it seemed to have that manliness upshot. There was this close friend of mine at the time whose goatee had already started manifesting so I didn’t want to carry last and all. This was when I was in secondary school. I tried many things but it just didn’t manifest. It was quite tiring. Later on it started growing without much stress. Bible wey talk sey “God makes everything beautiful in its time” no lie. Now the goatee grows well, even with a bonus of an almost connecting beard. Everything na time.

Oh I remember when I was terribly shy. Crazy stuff. Looking at someone (especially a stranger) was a major struggle. Self-esteem issues were part of the reason for this, I guess. If I was told then that a time would come when I would be going on evangelism to preach to strangers on the road, I probably would have laughed it off (maybe while facing the ground). Since I got saved, God has been helping me deal with it. When God tells you that He didn’t put the spirit of fear in you and that the righteous are as bold as a lion, shyness would start getting shy. So if I meet you, the reader of this article, for the first time, we would relate like we have known each other for a long time. God be praised!

I remember when I struggled with academics in high school. I was basically an average student. Coming 16th, 28th, 21st etc out of 41/42. But glory to God for putting an excellent spirit in me and making me finish with a First Class grade in Industrial Chemistry. This transformation alone can make me confidently and wholeheartedly tell an atheist that there is God o!

I remember when I disliked church. Now I’m not just a church boy, but God’s boy!


Lanre had been driving for nearly 3 years now. Although he had become a better driver, his driving was confined to just his neighborhood – Magodo Phase 1, Isheri, Lagos. The major reason for this restriction was due to his lack of a Driver’s license. And so to avoid the police, he could only move freely within the neighborhood. He didn’t have a license because he hadn’t found time to apply for one due to being busy with school and National Youth Service – well that was his side of the story. There were times during the ‘busy’ periods when he could have created time to apply for the license, but Lanre kept on pushing it aside, or forward, into the later box. When he was finally through with school and Youth Service, his mom, his dad and other people brought the license issue up. This time around, knowing he didn’t have the ‘lack of time’ excuse at his disposal, he had to bestir himself as touching the matter. The move was to talk to his dad about it. They did talk about it, and fortunately for Lanre, the closest Road Safety office he could go to for the application was just at Ojodu Berger – about 25 minutes from his house. His dad, Mr. Evelyn, was a busy man. Always on the phone, either texting or calling someone. And so Lanre needed to be on his dad’s neck to get the required money and all, but he seemed satisfied with just that one move and didn’t bother stressing the issue as he should have.

Lanre was an active church worker in the youth church he attended – less than 20 minutes from his house. He always tried to be a part of every service held at the church – Sunday services and Midweek services. But for some reason, he didn’t really have an affinity for vigils. And so he had missed various vigils organized by the church, most especially the vigils organized by the Drama department, which he was part of. Another Drama department vigil was forthcoming, and in an attempt to repent of his bad vigil attendance, Lanre decided to go. This meant that he had to wait for his mum to get back from work with her car – which was tinted at the back – so he could drive to church. This would be his first time of driving late in the night, but boy was he looking forward to this experience. His mum got back, and out he went with the car.

Lanre was a reader, so one would assume that he had passion for knowledge. One would be quick to rebuff any accusation of ignorance brought against him. But ironically, even as a reader, he was still ignorant of many things. Many things like knowing what the car documents looked like and if they were up-to-date. But really, can we blame our guy? Why should he be bothered with all that since he had been driving within his neighborhood with no police confrontations whatsoever? And he still had not gotten a driver’s license, even though the issue came up again during the week in which he was to go for the vigil. Anyway, back to Lanre’s anticipated late driving experience.

The time was around 10:40pm when he headed out with the car. Isheri bus stop, which is also a junction, has two roads that link to Lanre’s church. Once you reach this junction, you are 5 minutes away from Lanre’s church. Lanre normally took a particular road whenever he reached this junction, but due to it being late in the night, he assumed the gate at the beginning of the street of his church would have been locked, so he took the other road. The end of this road is also a junction. A police station is just by the junction. And Lanre had never seen policemen at this junction stopping cars to ask the drivers the usual things – car documents, driver’s license or money – so he was cruising with peace of mind on this road. It’s hard to go unnoticed by policemen while driving a tinted minivan in Lagos. To Lanre’s surprise, there they were, the policemen, stopping cars and asking for the usual things. His heart skipped a beat when he was told to park.

Even as a passenger, His heart would skip a beat whenever the driver in the car was told to park. His mum, Mrs Abiola, was the opposite though. She could drive confidently with no license and outdated car documents. She knew how to give policemen ‘strong face’ even when at fault. Confam Lagos woman!

Anyway so Lanre parked the car, thinking he wouldn’t have to answer many questions, or any at all, so far he told them he was going for a vigil. I mean, everybody for Nigeria de fear God so the vigil should have been enough to bail him out of this situation. But he thought wrong. After trying the ‘vigil bail’ statement, the policeman was uninterested and asked for the car documents. Starting with the Tint Permit document. Lanre had to call his mum to ask where the documents were, especially the Tint Permit. Talk about ignorance. At this stage, fear had started messing with him, so he couldn’t properly identify the documents at first. He successfully gave him the car documents he asked for. Stage 1 was cleared. Then the policeman asked him for his name. He answered. The next question the policeman asked was the question Lanre was dreading in such a situation. He asked, “Where is your Driver’s license?” Being a Christian boy, Lanre didn’t want to lie, so he tried the ‘vigil bail’ statement again. “ Oga abeg, I’m going to my church for a vigil and I’m running late already, my house isn’t far, I sharply took my mum’s car”. But oga police wasn’t buying it. So Lanre started talking about how he hadn’t had time to apply for a license because of school and youth service, and that he intended to apply for one very soon. He also mentioned having a Learner’s Permit (which wasn’t with him and had expired a long time ago). The policeman rebuffed all his excuses and handed him over to another policeman. The other policeman wasn’t buying the excuses too so he told Lanre to park inside the station. Lanre obeyed and gave the policeman the car key, as instructed. As far as the policemen were concerned, money was sure for them that night. Lanre had given them an inroad. He was told to pay 5,000 Naira to get himself out of the situation, but he believed he could beg his way out. After begging for about 1 hour and there was no result, the belief shrunk. And so he paid the money, painfully. Painfully, because he knew could have avoided all he experienced if hadn’t been pushing the license issue aside, or forward, into the later box. Talk about Could haves and Should haves. He couldn’t go for the vigil again (obviously), so he headed back home in anger and regret.

Tobi Balogun once said, “What you don’t do at the right time would cost you”. Fight and overcome procrastination today!




Happy new year to my readers. Thank you for visiting my blog and reading my articles last year. A special thank you to those that commented or gave some form of feedback on my articles. God bless!

It is quite hard to keep up with slangs these days. Different generations of slangs have come and gone. Some have been able to stand the test of time. I think Nigeria is up there in the table of Countries with the most use of slangs. We are very creative in this country. From ‘No shaking’ to ‘No lele’ to ‘Burst my head’ to ‘I go change am for you’ to ‘If I hear’ to ‘I pray o’ to ‘No level’ to ‘Gerrarahea Mehn’ and many more. I get curious as to how the slangs get formed, who forms them and how they spread across towns, cities, states and nations. Amazing stuff. One of the slangs that has caught my attention is ‘Turn up’. It has stood the test of time for some years now.

images (3)

Turn up is a term or slang that has been commonly used to encourage someone to celebrate or do something elaborate or great or throw a party to mark a birthday or something worth being happy for. Christmas time, New Year’s Eve, January 1st, Easter Season, Valentine’s Day, Office Promotion, Wedding Ceremony and Anniversary. The term turn up comes alive in these times. Talking of coming alive, to turn up actually means to come alive or to be lively or to ‘undull’ or to not ‘sleep on a bicycle’. There I go with more slangs again. Anyway it recently occurred to me that we have relegated turning up to festive seasons. This should not be the case.

images (1)

Every single day we wake up to see should actually be celebrated. We ought to do something elaborate every day. Something extraordinary. Why? Because God didn’t create us to be normal. God didn’t create us to live a normal life. He didn’t create us to live an average or mediocre life. He gave mankind the instruction to dominate, to rule, to take charge (Gen1:26-30). In other words, He gave mankind the instruction to turn up. God tells us in another place in the Bible to wake up from our slumber. So to turn up also means to wake up. To wake up and be grateful. To wake up and be productive with our lives. To wake up and be a blessing to someone. To wake up and forgive someone. To wake up and add value. To wake up and put a smile on someone’s face. To wake up and read books. To wake up and be relevant. To wake up and make use of your talents. To wake up and fulfill your dreams. To wake up and fulfill your God given purpose. To wake up and be joyful. To wake up and love. To wake up and live. These are extraordinary things. You see, not everyone that is alive has life. It takes having life to actually be lively.

Jesus says in John14:6 that He is the Way, the Truth and the Life. Therefore, the way to truly have life and be lively is to be alive in the Life – Jesus. Everybody is born again these days but God knows His own. This new year, we need to stop sleeping on a bicycle and wake up and be turned up to God through Jesus in every area of our lives. Then every single day of this year would be a turn up day for us.

images (2)2



We are all farmers. ‘We are all farmers? No way, I am not a farmer o, I am an aspiring doctor please, I am an aspiring lawyer, best upcoming engineer in the world, a whole chattered accountant like me….this guy doesn’t even know what he is saying. How can he say we are all farmers? God forbid!’  I am guessing these are your thoughts or at least some of your thoughts.  But there are some terms common to all farmers that are also common to everybody on earth. Words like: Seed, Plant, Germination and harvest.  We are all familiar with the saying ‘What you sow, you reap’   If you believe this saying then you should agree that we are all farmers. Why? Well because the major principle or law of farming is that you will reap what you sow. Simple.  I am not here to pass a judgment on anyone or condemn anyone. I just want to enlighten you on this fact that you and I are farmers.
Almost everything we do is a form of sowing. As you are reading this article, you are sowing into your life. As I am writing this, I am sowing into the life (the soul) of the reader.  Words are seeds. Actions are seeds. An effort is a seed. Prayer is a seed. A gift is a seed. What we listen to is a form of seed as well.  Seeds germinate, some take a long period of time while some don’t take long. Germination must occur before the plant completely matures. Most of us just want to collect, collect and collect. Not many people want to give something. But sowing is majorly about investment. Gotta put something in to get something back. How we behave or act is as a result of what we have within us. What we have within are basically the things we have allowed to get into us. The principles, the doctrines, the ideologies, the mindsets through what we have exposed our eyes and ears to. 
This is not a deep post. I know…but I just want us to know that whatever we do or say to ourselves or others is a seed. So sow the right seed to yourself and others. Invest well in yourself, invest well in people. One of the most common forms of investment is Building Investment. This is good but it’s way  much better and safer to invest in others. The building can lose its durability or usefulness after a particular period of time while the good seeds you have sown in people can last forever in their hearts and lives generally. Be nice, Speak good about and to yourself and others, read books, listen to songs that make you better as a person instead of the ones that mess with your mind and morals, be careful of what you expose your eyes to. Bible says seed time and harvest time shall not cease just like day and night cannot cease as well as summer and winter seasons (Gen8:22). What we sow will germinate and materialize sooner or later, so if you have been sowing right already, keep it up and don’t give up. Be patient for the harvest, it’s closer than you think. Just like farmers, they have to be patient in order to enjoy the harvest of the seed sown (See Gal6:9). If you have not been sowing right, begin to sow right so you will reap right. Remember…………we are all farmers!
Thanks for reading, don’t forget to drop your comment(s).


Power supply or light, as we Nigerians normally call it, is one of the things we cherish most. We tend to appreciate it more during times when we have been deprived of it for a long while. So there is this ecstatic feeling within us when ‘they bring the light’. Oh, the relief from heat, darkness and low phone batteries.

Darkness can make a house filled with treasures like gold and diamonds seem underrated or useless or irrelevant, all because nobody knows & sees what it contains, even the people living in it. Since the tenants got into the house, they have been having light issues, especially with the power going into the light bulbs. Even if an alternative current came in – generator or inverter- the light bulbs still had issues.  Anyway, I trust my naija guys, the moment light comes into the house and they find out its content, owo ti de niyen!( money has come). In no time, these valuable contents would be utilized.

What if all this while, there was actually light around the house? Like in the area where the house is situated. Just that the people failed to properly switch over to ‘NEPA’ light. Kai, e go pain! Anyway, when they finally come to this realization, they would feel ashamed of themselves, as they have been the one depriving themselves all this while. On the plus side though, they would be enlightened.

From John1: 9, we can see that Jesus is the True Light that gives light to every man. ‘Every man’, so there’s no religious segregation. He that created man knows man more than man knows himself. This Light, unlike ‘NEPA’ light is always and steadily available for every man, but man has to properly switch over to This Light otherwise he won’t know what he’s made of, he won’t know the treasure(s) God has put in him, he won’t know his potential, he won’t know his real worth… just like those that lived inside the house didn’t know what it contained until they properly switched over and got enlightened. Once they switched over, they needed to remain connected so they could discover more treasures in the house and truly see, know and utilize its beauty and worth.

Get and stay properly connected to the Ultimate Power/Light Source today and be enlightened about your true self.