My Medium Challenge

Happy new year everyone. Thanks for visiting my blog last year. Thanks for your great comments. You made my writing journey more encouraging last year. Let’s do it again this year.  God bless you all for the support.

So, I am on Medium (as Ayo Wright). It is a world of readers and writers that I have been a part of for close to a year now. I have been quite inactive there. As it is a new year, I want to repent of my evil ways and be more consistent with my writing (both here and on Medium). Therefore I have embraced a 52-week writing challenge. This means I am going to write 52 times this year. (This is stylishly my first one, so na 51 remain)

Anyway, I just posted this on Medium.

I have always, at several times, wanted to be more observant. You know, try to gather all the details of even the least detailed things in my surrounding. But this only lasts for a day or maybe some hours.

Maybe my attention span is low.

Maybe I need to be more self-controlled.

Maybe I need a challenge; something like a deadline.

A challenge or a deadline. Yes, that’s it. There is something about deadlines that keeps me going. So I immediately embraced the 52-week writing challenge by The Writing Cooperative when I was informed about it.

Therefore, this is me publicly committing to writing about my week in review every week of 2017 — most likely on Sundays. I also intend to mix it with writing about an emotion each week. So help me, God.

With this, I know I would be forced to pay more attention to my surroundings in order to see the simplest things others are overlooking and derive inspiration from them. And also, seeing opportunities where others are seeing problems.

For greatness lies in the little details, sometimes. It all depends on if and how you see it.


Open letter to Abbeylinko


Where exactly do I start from to explain how much I love and appreciate you? Truth is, even if I could find the words, they still wouldn’t be as weighty as the love you have showered me with. Even if I could learn and replicate Ramsey Noah’s skills of expressing love, I still would fall short in comparison to how well you have displayed your love to me.

We have shared wonderful moments that will forever be in my head and heart, even the bad ones. Times that I have offended you to tears and you vow to not care anymore, then after some hours, we are homies again. Times that you would come and pick me late from school with some Gala and Chocolate ice cream in your bag for me. I didn’t like those days because I would stay in school till 7pm, or 9pm sometimes when my mates were already in bed. But the snacks you would bring along pacified whatever anger I had in me. Oh yeah, I also enjoyed the privilege of buying whatever I wanted (on credit) from the shops till your arrival. There were also times when you would seize my PlayStation console because it was affecting my grades in school. You have always wanted nothing but the best for me. Always encouraging, and being up to date with girls I have had something for.

Abbeylinko, you are the strongest woman I know. Always on the hustle..even though age is beginning to tell on you physically, your mind is still as strong as always. You would say, tori re naa mo sen sise (I am working because of you). 

It is because of you that we rarely go to the hospital at home. When anyone is sick, you are always willing to sacrifice your plans in order to help. Heck, even when you are the one that is sick and in need of help, you are still strong enough to go out of your way to help us. You too much, Abbeylinko!

I so much hate seeing you cry. It has this magnetic way of drawing out tears from my eyes (even if I have just done 100 sit-ups). I remember how you would get teary whenever I had to leave for Uni, which was just about an hour away from home. lol I just couldn’t understand why. But in times like this, I usually wished I wasn’t your only child. I wish I could be there for you as much as you have been there for me. I will never forget when I felt close to death in final year with a terrible malaria. I intentionally didn’t tell you when I was rushed to the hospital from school that night, because I knew you would literally break down. But you still showed up the next morning after the nurse contacted you the night before. Panicking, as expected. You told me of how completely disorganized you were when you got the news and how you went straight to my room upstairs at home to intercede for me because it was too late to drive to the hospital. I thank God I survived the sickness, and i thank God for blessing me with you.

Amazing superwoman! I am so blessed to have you. You have invested so much into my life — time, love, money, and yourself. I wonder how I would repay you, Abbeylinko. I promise to love you more. I promise to listen to you more even when I am not in the mood to listen to your gists or when I am watching football or playing game. Life is moving fast and we are spending less time together because your boy has to discover and fulfill purpose. I know this is a bitter-sweet time for you but I promise(by God’s grace) not to get so carried away with my life that I forget to love you.

Abbeylinko, I could go on and on but I will stop here for now.

On this day, which is your birthday, I thank God for keeping you, and I pray that He will bless and keep you to enjoy(to the maximum) the fruits and benefits of your labour in my life. I also pray that in this new year, you will get closer to Jesus’ name, amen!

Happy Birthday to the greatest mother alive, Abiodun Wright a.k.a Abbeylinko!

Omo yin atata,



I can’t but think of home as I write this. I can’t but think of my second home – Surulere, where I schooled and made lots of friends. But that’s not why we are here today.

Surulere means There is gain in patience. One would think that as a lere boy that I claim to be,  I should be full of patience. Well that’s what i thought. I don’t even know what I based this thought on, maybe a couple of incidents like having to wait on a  queue to mark attendance after a very boring class  or having to wait for very beautiful pieces of plantain to be ready for proper consumption.

I was wrong.

You know, everyone loves a finished product. When we go to shops to get things, we don’t ask the staff how they were created and the processes they had to go through. Ain’t nobody got time fo that. We are all in a hurry. Especially in a place like Lagos. Imagine me trying to buy a bend-down-select pair of shoes in Ojuelegba and I am asking the seller for the type of machines that were used to make the shoes. Man would look at me from head to toe and just collect the shoes and hiss.

We Africans love miracles so much that we forget the roles of principle and process. Greatness is a process. Nobody really likes the process. Even gold doesn’t like the process it has to go through to become highly valuable, but it still submits by faith to the person carrying out the process and the process itself, knowing that there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

I have been going through a couple of things for some time now and I have been asking God to show up, I have been asking Him to take me out of it all. Like, let this my Christian journey be rosy again. Omo e just be like sey God just lock up for my matter. I almost started losing faith. Doubts and uncertainties here and there, going on for weeks. I even thought of running back home at some point. Lol my legs for just bend.

But I am beginning to look at it differently. Maybe this is all a test. I have had to change my attitude from just being frustrated with life to consciously deciding to be happy because I may not understand everything right now, but it will all make sense in the end. Early today while reading a blog, I was led to read the verses in the picture below and I felt strengthened afterwards.


I am beginning to literally understand that for the fruit of the Spirit  ( Gal 5:22) to be made manifest in us, God will allow us face some tests and trials in form of dealing with people and unpleasant circumstances. Prayer alone will not produce the fruit of the Spirit. I repeat, prayer alone no go do am. So I have decided to be happy and rejoice from now on because for every unpleasant situation I go through successfully, greatness is being developed in me. Patience is being developed in me. Faith and patience/endurance go together.

Even Jesus had to look at the brighter picture of the unpleasant objective of carrying the cross and dying for you and I. The picture of Him rising again and sitting with God gave Him the ginger.

Bible makes me understand that He won’t allow me face more than I can handle (1 Cor 10:13), so , so far God’s got me, I know sey I go de alright.




He Knows a Lot, But..

In a world where it has been said that ‘Knowledge is power’, Samuel, in his low self-esteemed state, began to chase knowledge with the hope that the acquired knowledge would give him wings

In the space of 3 years, Samuel read 40 books. To him, this was a major achievement. I mean, for someone that hated books for the most part of his life, such accomplishment was a big deal for him. He mainly focused on reading inspirational and Christian books which helped build his faith and confidence

He no longer struggled to contribute in some discussions that pertained to life. Samuel was no longer seen and known as ‘Mr shy guy’..he was now seen as ‘Mr wise guy’. The guy that could now stand in front of people and construct meaningful sentences. The guy that knew so much about God from the perspective of several men of God from their books and sermons. He did a great job in not being puffed up in the knowledge he had acquired. Humble guy indeed! 

But having spent much time and money investing in books, of recent Samuel has been feeling defeated by some things he believed he had conquered based on knowledge. He goes to church these days and most of the things the preacher says are things he’s no stranger to, but still not a master of. Things like Self Discipline, Faith, Endurance etc. Things he thought he had fully understood. 

After much thought, Samuel had a moment of epiphany. He suddenly knew what the problem was. He knew so much but due to lack of consistent application of the knowledge, he had been powerless. If he had consistently practised the things he knew, he won’t have been experiencing his recent defeats. 

Maybe, just maybe, knowledge is like mathematics that needs to be practised everyday so as to gain mastery.

Maybe we can say that knowledge acquisition is a potential, but knowledge application is true power.

Or lastly, maybe true power can manifest via experiential knowledge, for it is written, ‘Those that know their God shall be strong and do exploits’ — Daniel 11:32. Nothing beats an experience, sometimes. Sometimes it’s the form of knowledge that can and needs to be held on to. Knowing something or someone for yourself is much better than knowing something about something and someone.

But what do I know?

So tell me, what do you think?


Man, today was fantastic! For some time now, I have not been feeling too confident whenever the book of Esther in the Bible is being referred to or mentioned. Funny thing is that I have actually read it before, but for some reason the stories and lessons from the book never really registered so I decided to give it another go. This time around, I am making a painstaking effort to read it, learn a thing or two and ensure it stores well in my mind.

I started the book today. Chapter one is so rich. Most times when that chapter is being discussed, we normally focus on just Queen Vashti’s disobedience. We often conclude that pride was her reason for not obeying the king’s command. However, the Bible didn’t mention the reason behind her not showing up. So while reading today, I thought and asked myself, “What if she wasn’t feeling fine?” or “What if she was shy?” or maybe it was overfamiliarity that caused it. Only God knows. But the bottom line is that regardless of whatever reason it was, she should have gone, out of respect for the king.


Another thing I picked up from this chapter is that, normally, everyone is to live an exemplary life because you don’t know who is watching. This is more compulsory for people in high positions (like the one Queen Vashti was in) because everyone is watching. She was the role model for women back then, so her behaviour could have led to other women looking up to her or her position to also behave like she did. The thing is, when you are in a high position, people look up to being like you or being in your position one day. Now there is a difference between ‘being like you’ and ‘being in your position’. I realised today that character is what determines if someone would actually want to be like you. So when someone says “I want to be like you o”, what is that person referring to? Is it your position or your personality?


The last thing I picked up from this chapter is that the saying, “Beauty can attract a man but it takes more than that to keep him” is true. I believe this was what made Queen Vashti lose her position as the queen. She had the beauty to get the position but lacked the character to keep it.

loyal moses

As if all these lessons were not enough for today, I went to church this evening and learnt new things about loyalty. I thought I knew what loyalty was all about but I was wrong. I learnt a lot. The major thing I learnt was that true loyalty is when a man is loyal to God before his people and loyal to his people before God. A perfect example is Moses. He was so loyal to his people that he interceded for them before God regardless of all the rubbish they said to him. What even blows my mind is the fact that God wanted to start afresh by destroying those Israelites and making Moses the father of the new set of people. I mean he had a lot to gain from this new plan, but no, Moses was too loyal for that. So I started thinking, am I actually a good example of this true loyalty? My answer was “No”. Enough work still de but God’s got me, so there is hope for me to get to this level one day.

Thanks for reading. Please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts in the comment box below.

– Ayo.


Some weeks ago, myself and my coursemates were told to individually give a presentation on any application of Biotechnology. We had just about 5 days to work on this assessment. I chose to talk about the application of bioremediation on the Exxon Valdez oil spill that occurred in Alaska, U.S.A, in 1989.  I began work by praying for help and gathering information on the incident, and as the information increased, my confidence heightened. I ended up with so much information that arranging the really important ones in slides became a challenge. But I later surmounted this ‘mountain of arrangement’, at least, I thought.  Being my first presentation in a school I’ve only spent 1 month plus in, I felt way too confident and enthusiastic. I had to consciously ensure that this confidence wasn’t based on the previous successful Spoken Word presentations I had done in Church, but rather, on the One that was the reason behind this previous success. My slides (although quite wordy) were ready a day before the presentation day, and I had a plan. The plan was to read well (especially the information I couldn’t put in the slides) and commit everything to God’s hands. Even before the execution of this plan, I was so sure I was going to kill it. I mean, I had all my moves and hand gestures well imagined in my mind. Another thing I had in mind was how  smartly dressed I would be for the occasion. Amidst these imaginations, I was advised by my coursemates to make my slides less wordy, and also, deep within I felt the need to go through a presentation guide on the school’s Study Hub before presenting. But I ignored them – the advice and the urge – and went on with my conceived plan.


The presentation day came, my eyes and body were crying out for sleep, and I hadn’t fully executed my plan. I had prayed about it, but I still felt the need to continue reading. Thankfully, I was meant to be second-to-the-last to present so I had another plan. The other plan was to observe everyone that was to present before me and learn from their good communication skills and mistakes, then give a perfect presentation. Unfortunately, we had issues with the projection screen so we had to present directly from a laptop while seated, so my planned moves and hand gestures were aborted. I observed as others presented and learnt a thing or two. All of them finished before the given time. Nice, I should be able to do the same, I thought. My turn finally came. To me, it was all going fine till I heard ‘2 minutes more’. ‘2 minutes more ke?’ I had not even gotten to the main focus of the presentation. Apparently, the wordiness of the slides affected me and I wasted time on the background information. I ended up finishing 2 minutes after the given time (call me Mr record breaker, thank you). I felt really sad afterwards because I was disappointed in myself. Having put so much prayer, effort, and time into the work, I really had high expectations. I even started wondering why God didn’t come through. I didn’t even feel like going for church service that evening.


I thank God I later dragged myself to church. While in church, I realised that the reason the presentation didn’t go as I expected was because I didn’t take heed to the warning signs in the form of my coursemates’ advice and the need to go through a presentation guide(which I now believe came from God), believing that prayer was enough – Oluwa cover me jare’.  It was like God was using the Pastor to talk to me that night. The Pastor said, ‘mental exertion + spiritual exertion = personal transformation’. Hence, prayer wasn’t enough, yes, I had applied some effort but it wasn’t the best or most appropriate because I needed to act on the things or ideas that came my way as a result of praying to achieve the desired success; I needed to follow the gentle internal and external promptings.  I later committed the whole thing to God, and believe it or not, I am still expecting a distinction(A) in that assessment. I don’t know how it would come, but I just believe.

Have you  experienced something like this before? If yes,  please don’t hesitate to share how it was like and how you dealt with it in the comment box below. And if you are presently trying to deal with such or any form of disappointment, encourage yourself in the Lord, pick up the lessons and move on. God’s got you!

Thanks for reading.




SATURDAY (APRIL 23rd) – MY GUY!! Part 2

This is my first time of doing a part 2 of any piece. But there is a first time for everything. So I stopped at King Solo, next up is Joyce Meyer!
Joyce Meyer, what a great woman of God. She has been so much of a blessing to me. I remember when Obinna (a close friend/brother) and I were very excited when she followed us back on twitter. It almost felt like we had made it in life. What a great achievement. Lol. Obinna has been my major supply of Joyce Meyer’s books – both hard and soft copy. My guy can read for the world. I call him ‘Adobe Reader’ (yeah you can stop straightening your face now and laugh a little, thanks). God bless him for me. Anyway, I found out about Joyce from the TBN channel on DSTV. When I finally see her, I don’t even know how I would approach her. I would love to give her a nice hug but then, my Yoruba culture mentality won’t allow me because she is in her 70’s at the moment. So maybe na to prostrate go sure pass. Afterwards, I would thank her for writing ‘Power thoughts’, ‘Battlefield of the mind’, ‘How to hear from God’ and ‘Living beyond your feelings’. These books changed my mentality on so many things and in so many ways. I would thank her for teaching with great simplicity and humour.
Dr Myles Munroe of blessed memory! I was doing my NYSC camping at Bauchi when I was informed of his death. I had never physically met him before but I felt sad because I had met him via his books. As a matter of fact, his books on potential and purpose kicked off my reading career (Yes, my reading career). So when we finally get to see, I would thank him for taking the issue of purpose and potential very serious. It was from reading his books that I found out that God made every single person with/for a purpose. It felt really good to know that.
Jude Abaga! A.k.a M.I Abaga! Yes, I know he is not a gospel rapper but this guy was the major inspiration behind my own rapping career today. Listening to him back in 2008/2009 with my secondary school brothers made us believe we could rap too. I was a chronic M.I fan back then. I knew all his songs, from his singles to mixtapes to albums. So when I see him, I would appreciate him for making Nigerians believe in Nigerian Hip-hop and for inspiring people like me to write and spit raps. I also pray that he would get born again very soon so that we can properly turn up for God in heaven (hopefully, with rap verses) when we leave this earth.
Now to a Christian rapper, my guy Lecrae! Although M.I inspired me to start writing raps, Lecrae inspired me to start writing raps that glorified God. I mean, your use of your God-given gift should not be displeasing to the One that gave you the gift in the first place. Lecrae made me believe you can also write and spit raps about God and the Bible too. I am like, “who knew?!” I remember when I started getting closer to God and I had to get rid of dem Lil Wayne and Eminem on my phone. It wasn’t easy. I was thinking I won’t get to listen to any hip hop again. Then I found out about Lecrae and since then, we have been good friends…via his songs, that is. I started discovering other Christian rappers by listening to Lecrae as well. So when I see him, I would shake and hug him like a fantastic friend I have only been talking to via WhatsApp and just meeting for the first time. God bless him for being such a great inspiration.
Last but not the least, Cristiano Ronaldo! This guy was one of the major reasons I started supporting Manchester United. There was a time I wanted to be like him in football, playing skilfully from the wings and all. I now know my strength in the game so I don’t aspire to be like him anymore. But when I see him, I would also thank him for inspiring me. And if I get to see him before he retires from the game, I would beg him to come back to Man United and retire there. The love we have for him is everlasting.
I didn’t add this initially, but I would love to meet Miss Adedoyin Jaiyesimi, the founder of Sparkle Writers. They deal with training writers and helping them find their sparkle and uniqueness for about 5 weeks. What I find amazing is that the training is for free. I stumbled on their twitter handle – @SparkleWriters earlier this year and sometime in March, they tweeted about the training program and I decided to try it. I thank God for them. What they are doing is very inspirational. I have been undergoing the training for weeks now and I can say that I have really grown as a writer. See, even this piece you are reading is as a result of meeting them online. When I finally meet Miss Adedoyin in person, I might most likely turn the meeting to a prayer meeting filled with thanksgiving and prophecies. lol
So that’s it, these are some of the people I would really love to meet in person. Oh yeah, I would love to meet every single person I have not met physically but has read or has been reading my articles and stories. You guys are the real MVP! Inspiring me from a distance. God bless you.


It is always exciting to see a good friend you haven’t seen in a very long time, and even more exciting to see that good friend in an unprecedented manner. Especially when you guys didn’t end your last conversation very well or didn’t say goodbye properly and exchange numbers or any form of contact whatsoever. Okay, let’s even bring it down a little bit. Let’s say this person isn’t even a good friend, but just some random guy that paid for your food or saved you from a life-threatening mishap. Let’s look at it from a very hungry but broke man’s point of view. He’s seated in his favourite restaurant one Sunday evening and the waiter brings his favourite meal (just the way he loves it) to him and tells him that someone has already paid for the meal and wants to remain anonymous. Anony what?! Of course, he would definitely love to see this person that did such a huge favour for him in order to express his gratitude. But sadly, he can’t. So he goes home and feels this urge or eagerness to finally meet this person one day. One day, just to say “Thank you”. Days, weeks, months and years go and he still hasn’t met this person. After a while, it may seem like he has forgotten but that urge would always arise whenever he goes to his favourite restaurant. The day finally comes when he meets this Good Samaritan, he runs to him and says (with so much excitement), “My guy!!! Chai! Na you be this?! I don de find you since tey. Thanks a lot for the other day. God bless you abeg!”
The analogy is almost a perfect example of how my reaction would be when I finally see people like Jesus, King Solomon, Apostle Paul, Joyce Meyer, Dr Myles Munroe, M.I Abaga, Lecrae, Cristiano Ronaldo, the person that invented books, and the person that invented football. I was told to write on just one person (that is alive) I would love to meet and what I would discuss with the person. But it is very hard to choose just one person. Jesus is definitely an easy decision. Apart from Him though, picking one among the other people I mentioned would be very hard. Simply because these people have touched my life greatly without even physically meeting them. So even if some of them are dead physically, their words and legacy keep them alive to me. I would try to talk about meeting a few of them.
When I finally see Jesus, I would first of all hug Him and thank Him for taking my place on the cross. Then I would ask Him how He was able to do all He did. How He agreed to God’s plan of Him coming to die and rise for the world (that didn’t really send Him, because you see ehn, sometimes it can be hard for me to sacrifice just dodo or pomo, especially if it’s the last piece). How He was able to control Himself and not vex and mess dem persecutors up when they falsely accused Him in front of Pontius Pilate. How He was able to handle criticism like a boss. How He was able to answer questions with such wisdom. How we can totally relate to how He felt when He told God to let the cup of the cross pass away but was still willing to let God have His way. That thing no easy o. I can go on and on but I would stop here.
When I see Apostle Paul ehn, I would be like “My guy!! Chai! Na you be this?! Thanks a lot for the epistles! God bless you abeg!” Life-giving letters! They are forever a blessing to me. I would ask him about how it felt to be on the side of the people he had persecuted for many years. Did he feel like how a football player would feel when he leaves his team for a more superior rival team? Oh, I must ask him how he was able to hold himself without getting married! My goodness, what a strong man. I would tell Him I’m a huge fan of the way he wrote and the way he addressed issues. I would tell him how I so love his realness. No forming. Baba de talk the matter as e be and as e de hot. I would also ask Him how he was able to get all those deep revelations that he shared in his epistles. Then maybe lastly, I would ask him to confirm if he was truly the one that wrote the book of Hebrews because clarity is still needed as touching who actually wrote that book.
When I see King Solo ehn, I would first ask him what exactly he was on when he wrote the book of Ecclesiastes because till today that book can mess with one’s mind anyhow. Then I would thank him for the book of proverbs and hail him for the romantic lines he dropped in Songs of Solomon. Baba agba, Twale!
To be continued…


I remember when I spent my summer in Surulere back in 2014. I had a great time at Dagogo’s place. Dagogo Hart Dagogo, a true brother from another mother. A guy that left his Physics WAEC practical exam to help me out when I was missing my way. His home is like my second home any day and anytime. He has a wonderful family with one of the greatest mothers ever! They took me (during my GCE, JAMB and WAEC days) in like I was actually part of their family. I would never forget them. Anyway, so I spent some weeks there when Dagogo was in town in 2014. I think we played game every single day. And that was where I learnt the saying – “You thought abi??” Funny stuff. It was used whenever we were playing FIFA and one of the persons playing tries to score and misses or when he behaves like he is in control then the other person scores or wins the game. Then the person that wins or scores now goes “You thought! You thought aaabi?!” In the loser’s mind, he would be thinking to himself, “and I actually thought o, chai”

So that is just a background introduction. Today I thought and believed that since I had been pulling some cocky stunts on the weather, I could carry on by not wearing a jacket or hoodie. And so, I did it. I went to church with no jacket, just my cardigan. I was warm enough.

In church, the Pastor reminded me (in his teaching) of how unstable our feelings or emotions can be. It is so unstable. Hmm, maybe that’s why feelings are called “e-motions”? Because they are always on the move? One minute they are here, the other minute they are there. Like guy just calm down naa and stay one place! The Pastor compared the instability to the British weather (In the morning it’s quite warm, a while later it’s really cold).  At that point, I thought I could relate to the comparison so I was feeling the teaching. But when church ended and I was heading home, my ability to relate to that comparison increased. I could relate more simply because, like human feelings, the British weather just manifested its true self by being unstable. It was colder than when I was coming.  Talk about practical experience! I guess that is what experience does, it brings to life what one has theoretically learnt. See me thinking my dressing was warm enough for the journey to and fro. See me thinking I could perfectly relate to the Pastor’s comparison while still seated in church. Only for me to go outside and the weather was like “lol, you thought aaabi?!”

So my deduction is, the human feelings, just like the British weather, cannot be trusted. Man must act based on the truth that he knows and not merely on British weather like feelings.


It’s funny how starting to write an article can seem like the most difficult part of writing. I remember looking at the topic or what this article should be about and wondering how I am going to start and even more bewildering, what I am going to write about. But I am determined to grow as a writer so this is me, writing anyway.

We all have that moment when we need to sleep but can’t seem to close our eyes and actually get some sleep. For some people, this may be due to deep thoughts of a loved one. Others might experience this due to medical issues. But another set of individuals may experience this as a result of…..sleeping in the afternoon! Lol. I think we need to have some scientifically proven statistics for this situation to graduate into a theory or law, because it is still quite hypothetical to me. Make tiredness jam you first, if I hear sey sleep no go gather for your eye, afternoon nap or no afternoon nap.

Anyway, as for me, I tend to experience this situation as a result of anxiety. Maybe when I have a presentation coming up or something that involves facing the crowd or even a football match I have been looking forward to playing in. No matter how ready I am, my mind gets saturated with the thoughts of how it’s going to be. I start imagining how everything is going to happen. It’s almost like a burden. Like let it just come and go jare.

I remember when I was told – on a Champions League final day – that I would be the one to anchor the testimony session in the Sunday service which was the next day. I was still struggling with the shyness issue back then so I became quite unstable. I couldn’t even watch the final with a piece of mind. Yes I said “piece”. Because my mind was too divided to be in one piece. I was thinking of how it would be, what I would wear, what I would say and also trying to relaxingly watch the final all at once. I later went upstairs to play FIFA so as to inhibit the anxiety, but I could hardly concentrate on that as well. I can’t even remember if I struggled to sleep that night but all I can remember is that my mind wasn’t as calm as a troublesome baby asleep. The day came and everything went well. The funny thing is, when I experience something like this, and everything goes well or better than I expected, I wonder why I was even bothered or anxious in the first place.

Sometimes it is: I lay in bed and close my eyes to get some sleep but I can’t, because all I can think about is….tomorrow. What does tomorrow have in store for me? Is it good or bad? All I can think about is…..the future. Is the future even bright? Yes, I am the light of the world, but is my light bright enough to overcome this darkness that clouds my sight of the future?

Sometimes it is: I lay in bed and close my eyes to get some sleep but I can’t, all I can think about is today, why? Because it’s a new day and I can’t afford to miss that exam I have been preparing for after paying so much money for tuition and spending sleepless nights praying and reading. I can sleep after I ace it abeg.

Sometimes, we just worry too much.