Day 30 (Tales by MoonWright)

I’m currently learning about the connection between consistency and accountability. For someone that isn’t really self-motivated, I’m learning how much I need accountability, thanks to this challenge. If I wasn’t held accountable by some of you, I won’t  have written for 30 days. Knowing that people are out there looking out for me and expecting […]

Day 29 (Tales by MoonWright)

I would like to go on a number of adventures for just one reason: to experience what my favourite fictional characters experienced in these places. I love watching TV shows, I get so emotionally invested in them. And when I’m done watching any of my favourites, I usually do my research on where they were […]

Day 28 (Tales by MoonWright)

It was my first night at the Kangere NYSC camp in Bauchi. I had overpacked as I usually do. I’d rather travel overpacked than underpacked. I hate needing something I left at home while being away from home. However, on this night, I wouldn’t have minded leaving 80% of all I had on me. I […]

Day 25 (Tales by MoonWright)

I like the concept of nicknames. I have had about six so far — the common AY, Bam-Bam, BamYogo, Awizzle, Awizz, and Yarnspinna. I like how every nickname comes with an inside story, apart from the default AY. Different nickname for different stages of my life as well. Some were given to me, while I […]

Day 24 (Tales by MoonWright)

I’m not a fan of travelling. Especially if it’s a very long journey. Apart from the journey itself, I find the packing process mentally exhausting. So when I had the opportunity to travel to the U.K. for my masters, I had mixed feelings. I wasn’t just going to be visiting, I would be living there […]

Day 23 (Tales by MoonWright)

“May you eat the fruit of your labour” is the prayer often prayed for parents. It is every parent’s utmost desire. Everyone derives climactic fulfilment from being blessed by something they created or had a hand in bringing into existence. Most parents don’t even use this desire as a motive to do good to their […]

Day 21 (Tales by MoonWright)

A lot has happened in the past one year. The good, the bad and the ugly. A rollercoaster ride indeed. I have done and become things I once hated or spoke against. Thankfully, I’m presently undoing and unbecoming some of these things. I have lost sight of my true identity. There were times I would […]