Day 1 (Tales by MoonWright)

If you know me well, you would know how proud I am of my surname. “Wright” – the surname that seasons every other name, even Sharafa. But my first name has done more for me than Wright has. “Ayobami” – Joy has come to me or joy don jam me. A name that has somehow […]

Day 0 (Tales by MoonWright)

I realised a while back that faith and prayers are only as powerful as the conscious efforts that follow them. So I’ve decided to stop believing and praying alone to be consistent with writing something everyday…but to actually also write. Thing is, I always want my writings to have a message. Something to take home. […]


  The journey from London to Casablanca was smooth. No problems whatsoever.  Every necessary procedure was followed – from the take-off instructions to the landing instructions. We were supposed to have a 1hour stopover at Casablanca before leaving for Lagos, but that wasn’t the case as we were already told to start boarding the plane […]

The Ripple Effect

‘Gala! Gala! Buy your fresh Gala!’ It was just another day in a long Lagos(Nigeria) traffic where there was no clear reason for the ‘hold-up’ and owners of sophisticated and not too sophisticated cars shared the space on the road. No levels or preferential treatments involved, everyone being united (or sometimes understandably selfish) with the […]