I’m currently learning about the connection between consistency and accountability. For someone that isn’t really self-motivated, I’m learning how much I need accountability, thanks to this challenge. If I wasn’t held accountable by some of you, I won’t  have written for 30 days. Knowing that people are out there looking out for me and expecting stuff from me everyday got me on a level of consistency I had never experienced.

It takes a lot to ask for accountability and it’s another thing to actually get it. So as much as I appreciate everyone that has been reading this, I specially thank those that messaged me on days I really didn’t feel like writing. I specially thank the people that indirectly reminded me that commitment should be no respecter of feelings.

As much as I love writing, I had never believed I could pen 100 – 500 words everyday for a month, so doing this is one of my greatest achievements in a long time. And the beautiful thing about achieving this is that I can now put this same mentality and energy into other things I need to be consistent with.

Consistency has some close friends — self discipline, determination, and diligence — but accountability is its closest friend. In order to consistently achieve greatness in any area, everyone needs an inner circle, an A-Team, a team of people that support and encourage you, a team of people you can always draw strength from when you are at your weakest, a team of people that will call you out on your BS. Everyone needs an A-Team, and the A, for me, stands for Accountability.

Yours consistently and ultimately,

Ayo Wright

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