I would like to go on a number of adventures for just one reason: to experience what my favourite fictional characters experienced in these places. I love watching TV shows, I get so emotionally invested in them. And when I’m done watching any of my favourites, I usually do my research on where they were filmed.

So I would love to go to Illinois to experience how Michael Scofield felt when he was there, to be in his shoes planning and implementing a prison break. I would love to go to Albuquerque in New Mexico to have an idea of what it felt like to live a double life — teaching Chemistry and breaking bad. I would travel to Canada with a lot of suits just to have the same feeling Harvey Specter and Mike Ross had while closing cases and keeping a top secret.

New York! I have a special interest in New York. Apart from seeing what it’s like to be Ghost and Mr. Saint Patrick at the same time, I would love to live in New York to see if it’s crazier and busier than Lagos. I would love to go to Los Angeles for three reasons: to feel the suspense Annalise Keaton and her students have been feeling for consecutive years; to live the charismatic boss life Rowan Pope lived as he controlled the White House behind the scenes; and to take in the air that Chuck Bartowski took in when he had all the secrets of the CIA in his head, became a government asset, fell in love with his instructor, then had to deal with loving her even when she lost her memory.

Lastly, I would love to go to Northern Ireland to know what it was like to be part of the Night’s Watch, to know what it was like to be the Lord Commander and the King in the North. You know, to know what it’s like to be stabbed to death by the people you are protecting and then be resurrected.

Your adventurer,

Ayo Wright


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