Liam Neeson is my guy. I love him. I’ve been a huge fan for years. From the Taken series to A-Team to Nonstop to A Walk Among the Tombstones and the rest, he’s been killing it (and people) with an admirable finesse. He will find you and he will kill you. A man of top-notch charisma. He had set the bar really high for himself in my mind, so when I watched Cold Pursuit few months ago, I expected nothing lower. I expected to be thrilled. I expected to be in suspense throughout.

Not only was the movie pointless, it was a complete waste of my time. A complete waste of my efforts to wake up from the naps I had at different intervals of the movie. I was disappointed. It was about a man in a cold state whose son was kidnapped and killed. Then from nowhere the man just starts locating and killing these kidnappers/killers. Maybe the movie writers didn’t want us to know this man had some spiritual gift of discernment or so. I don’t know, but plot wise, it was weak. Dialogue wise, weak. Acting wise, my days! See, let me stop here.

Liam Neeson has successfully taken himself out of my A-team list of actors. He would have to pick up the bar he had raised and dropped in my mind and continue raising it nonstop till he not only walks among tombstones, but lies beside his.

Yours disappointedly,

Ayo Wright

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