A nice Sunday afternoon it was at home, then I was sent to a nearby eatery to get some food. Now me, in the spirit of trying to perfect my driving, decided to go on this errand with my mum’s car alongside her driver. My father, who had not seen me drive, happened to be where the car was parked, so I felt it would be really nice to impress him, you know. I thank God I didn’t disappoint, he was impressed with the way I reversed and drove out. This kinda got me gassed up for the journey to the eatery which is normally about 10-15minutes.

And so I drove to the destination smooth and sound, no problems, no wahala. I went in to get the food then got back into the car to embark on the journey back home. I started the car, reversed and was back on the main road. I should have no problems with this obviously, I mean it was the same path I drove on when coming so it’s no big deal, I thought.

Then this feeling came, where it came from exactly, I don’t know. But at that point it was a wonderful feeling, I felt like I had been driving for years and stuff, like I owned the road or something. I think even my mum’s driver was probably overdosed on confidence about my driving so he picked his phone and was making a call. Now approaching a junction I was to make a turn to the left. Mind you, the ‘bad-guy’ feeling was still present, as well as my mum’s driver still being on the phone.

I made the turn, but before I could say Nebuchadnezzar, like the toothpaste, my car was closing up on the incoming car from the other road. I turned to a disc-jockey on the wheels of steel scratching the incoming car. Right at this point, the ‘bad-guy’ feeling in which I had no idea of its exact source went back to that unknown source. Two other feelings came in to replace it, a very bad combo of feelings, I must say. Now I am sure you would know that by now, the driver’s phone call would have ended (either willingly or unwillingly). The two new feelings I was talking about were fear and confusion. In trying to avoid making it worse, I drove away from the car I just scratched, then in full speed almost ran into the next incoming car. The thing be like film for my eye. Thank God for Jesus who literally took the wheel from this point and then the car stopped.

The driver of the car I scratched came down (probably coming to rant and tell me how much my ‘gbese’ was ) so I started begging with that ‘abeg I be learner’ look…me that was feeling like a bad guy on the wheel before. How feelings are quick to change. I guess that’s why they are also called E-motions.  Anyway, the guy pitied me & left. The driver of the other car I almost hit came down too and started saying stuff like how or why would I be learning in such a place, talking to a young man that felt like he owned the road a couple of minutes ago. How feelings are quick to change. Well, we left the place and got back home. Most importantly, I got back home debt-free.

Your overgassed learner,

Ayo Wright

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