I like the concept of nicknames. I have had about six so far — the common AY, Bam-Bam, BamYogo, Awizzle, Awizz, and Yarnspinna. I like how every nickname comes with an inside story, apart from the default AY. Different nickname for different stages of my life as well. Some were given to me, while I gave myself some. Let me tell you how I got the nickname, Bam-Yogo.

I was in primary school then. My mum, due to her business, usually came late to get me, so I used to keep myself busy with a lot of Capri-Sonnes and ice cream. There was a particular ice cream then called FanYogo. Goodness gracious, it was like my drug. FanYogo was me and I was FanYogo. I can’t remember the taste now or what got me hooked but it was a major stronghold. The mobile ice cream sellers knew me and didn’t have to wait for me to talk before giving me my drug.

The news about my affinity for this ice cream spread all over the school and as soon as my boys heard, that was it. A nickname was birthed. Back then, people called my first name in full — Ayobami. So my guys came together and coined BamYogo. I had no choice but to embrace it. It became my name everywhere — in class, on the football pitch, even at home.

Yours retrospectively,


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