“May you eat the fruit of your labour” is the prayer often prayed for parents. It is every parent’s utmost desire. Everyone derives climactic fulfilment from being blessed by something they created or had a hand in bringing into existence. Most parents don’t even use this desire as a motive to do good to their children. They just do it out of the abundant love in their hearts. It’s incredible.

I am not making plenty money at the moment, but the times I’ve given my parents something (money or a gift) out of the little I have, their response warms my heart. The prayers they pray for me in Yoruba give me goosebumps sometimes. Parental prayers are so pure, so genuine, like a kiss on the cheek. It amazes me because I know what I have given is nothing compared to all they’ve done for me; the sacrifices they’ve made for me to be where I am now. I realised how hard it must have been to sacrifice so much when I was studying abroad and needed to pay bills. Having to study and work at the same time, I wondered how they had been surviving this thing called life. I appreciated them more.

I remember bringing home some jacquard clothing materials I bought from Bauchi camp for them and it brought a wide grin to their face. My mum still wears hers till today, she wears it with so much pride and would often say, “Mo’n wo aso Bauchi ti omo mi bami ra (I’m wearing the Bauchi material my child bought for me).” I can never get tired of hearing it. Even just remembering how she says it and adjusts her dress with prestige is making me teary as I write this.

How grateful and prayerful they get after an act of giving (no matter how small) inspires me to be better, it inspires to not give up, it inspires me to want to make it in life. Not just them, but also another mother of mine, Mrs Jackie Dagogo-Hart. Some of you that know my journey know how I feel about her. I will never forget how she took me in as her child and provided for me in a time when I really needed it. A super and beautiful woman, in and out. She also inspires me to want to make it in life.

I am not sure I can repay them for everything they’ve done for me, but this is it. This is really what I look forward to achieving — trying my best to ensure they fully eat the fruit of their labour on my life.

Yours achievably,

Ayo Wright

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