I can’t really say what my biggest fear is. It used to be death.  I don’t know what changed. Maybe it was due to the suicidal period of my life, or when I was numb to almost everything, or the fact that heaven is actually a beautiful place to be in. You know, no stress, no worries, just chilling with other saints and praising God. And I get to finally meet Jesus and man like Paul! Super cruise, man.

I realised this change sometime ago when I slightly avoided being hit by a car while crossing. Little or no adrenaline rush was present. I must have been in some crazy state of mind then because a part of me wanted to be hit. Lol.

There was a time darkness was my biggest fear. Thanks to the nonsense horror movies I watched as a kid. Especially the Nigerian ones; they seemed more real, because na the same country all of us de. So anything can happen anytime. These days, when the power goes out and I’m alone, I don’t fear as I used to. I think this is because I have hacked it that I’m the light of the world, so na darkness suppose de fear me.

Yours fearlessly,

Ayo Wright

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