My day hasn’t gone as planned. I didn’t meet anybody that needs encouragement, so tonight’s tale is just going to be about how my day went. I expected to have a chilled and relaxed day, reading Shoe Dog by Phil Knight and watching Line of Duty on Netflix. But I’m yet to do any of those and the day has been awesome so far. Very unproductive, but awesome. I had a wonderful time watching some U.K. rap videos on YouTube.

For those that do not know, I am a huge fan of Rap/Hip-hop. And I have been writing and spitting bars from time to time for more than 10 years. I owe this love and interest to my big brother, those days of having to watch rap videos on MTV and Channel-O when all I wanted was my Cartoon Network. I love the cleverness involved in wordplays, metaphors and punchlines used in rap songs. Multi-syllable rhymes and whatnot. They bring so much pleasure to my ears and soul.

My adventure today all started with being mind-blown by Stormzy’s (a U.K. rapper) recent achievements. Then I went back to watch Wretch 32 and Avelino’s Fire in the Booth on YouTube, where they dropped close to 64bars of heavy lyrical content properly laced on dope beats. Lyricism at its finest. Then I watched some YouTubers’ reactions to these lyrics and how they hilariously broke each punchline down. You see, that, for me, is one of the best feelings I get from listening to rap; discovering and actually understanding a wordplay, metaphor or punchline. It’s so beautiful.

I screamed and laughed out loud more than I expected and planned today. I loved it.

Yours lyrically,

Ayo Wright

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