You probably checked what today’s challenge would be about and looked forward to reading about someone greatly inspiring, an icon or a legend perhaps. A shaker of nations. An overcomer. A great achiever. Someone with a story worth writing and reading about, someone that has seen the unseeable, heard the ‘unhearable,’ and faced the unfaceable. Well, if that’s the case, you are definitely right.

That someone is you. You, reading this. I am not trying to flatter or gas you up unnecessarily. You inspire me and I will tell you why. You have weathered many storms and yet, you are still here, alive and well. Your trust has been betrayed, your heart has been broken a couple of times and you thought you would die because you told him/her, “I can’t do without you. Without you I am nothing. You are my everything.” Yet, you are still here, alive and living your best life. You are going through a lot that most people don’t know about, yet you are joyful everyday, radiating nothing but positive energy.

You are in school, studying hard to get that degree. You are through with school and you probably don’t even know what to do next with your life, but you’re hopeful still. You are serving or have served Nigeria. You wake up everyday to go for your 9-5. You survive Nigeria (Lagos especially) everyday. You are a CEO, an entrepreneur. You are chasing your dreams. You are fulfilling your purpose. You create stuff. You sell stuff. You are working on yourself daily, either physically, emotionally, or spiritually.  You became the head of your family earlier than you planned but the family is still okay, still living well.

I see you, I see all you do. You inspire me. And finally, I know I have said this before, but let me say it again, the fact that you actually read what I write inspires me.

Thank you for being you and doing you. Thank you, especially, for all the good things you do which no one sees or appreciates.

Yours gratefully,

Ayo Wright

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