Dear Ayo,

How are you, really? I’ve missed you. I miss the old days. A lot has changed now and you’re not the same person you were few years ago. I know you wish you could rewind time and make better decisions. I’ve always known you to beat yourself up, but you’ve been doing too much of that these past months. Give yourself a break, bro. Cut yourself some slack.

This is meant to be a love letter to you, but I want to apologise to you. Since I realised your main love language is Words of Affirmation, I’ve not been loving you well enough. I’ve not spoken kind, encouraging and affirming words to you well enough. I’ve not confessed what God really thinks and says about you well enough. And as a result, you’ve sought this love from people(friends and love interests) and have been disappointed. I’m sorry. When the Bible talks about loving others as you love yourself, it also means when you love yourself well enough from God’s perspective, you won’t need to live and depend on other people’s ability to love you. It will save you from disappointments.

Brené Brown said, “Talk to yourself as you would to someone you love.” So I repent today and tell you, Ayo, that you’re awesome. You’re fantastic. You’re amazing. God is madly in love with you, despite your shortcomings. There is hope for you. He hasn’t given up on you. You are not confused. You are consistent. You bring a whole lot to the table. Heck, you are even the one bringing the table and the chairs others will sit on. You are the light of the world. You are valuable. You are relevant. You are important. You are the sauce. You are the seasoning. You are the salt of the world. Sweet boy! You are confident. You are as bold as a lion. The things you are going through are not bigger than you because He that is in you is bigger and greater than the world. Dem no reach.

I love you, Ayo.

Your biggest fan (after God),

Lanre Wright

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