It was a beautiful morning. Taking in the cold air of Kangere camp in Bauchi, I was on my way back from the usual (and unnecessary) morning parade. Heading to my room, I decided to try a different path. I chose to use the corridors instead of the pathway I was accustomed to.

While on the corridor of the room before mine, I decided to peep, curious to know how life was for our neighbouring corpers.  I mean, my roommates were funny but I wanted to see if these guys could match our banter level.

“Who be that? And wetin you de look?!” a man wearing a white vest asked.

“Chairman. Calm dow-“

“Who you de call chairman?!” he said, walking towards the door.

“Chairman, no vex. I just-“ I looked into another area of the room then I saw something. I saw a soldier’s uniform hung on the edge of a top bunk. It was at this point that I knew I had messed up.

“Na me you de call chairman?!” he asked as he joined me on the corridor.

“Ah. I no know abeg,” I said, my palms glued together.

I begged for my life because I had seen what these men had done to corpers.

“Oya begin crawl go front and back and de talk, ‘I be monkey, I be mumu,’” he said.

Without hesitating, I did it…right in front of the pathway I should have used, the pathway every guy used.

I was released after 2-4 minutes of crawling, claiming to be a monkey and a mumu, and wondering why I chose to walk on the path of curiousity that morning. It felt like eternity.

The power that resides in minding your damn business can and will really save you from a lot of crap, I thought.

Yours curiously and embarrassingly,

Ayo Wright

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  1. Hello Yomi, it’s me again. It appears I can not open the writing challenge from day four to eight. Hope it will not be too much trouble to send them to me?
    Thanks in anticipation of your response.
    Your fan , Aisha.

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