My favourite sitcom while growing up was The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. It still is. What a fantastic show. Whatever sad or bad mood I’m in, just one episode of this show and I would laugh my head off and be good again.

Rounding up Senior Secondary school then, we had our future to think about; some of us unsure of what it held, some already had it all figured out. I was in between these groups, sandwiched by certainty and uncertainty. At the time, I was too busy having ‘relationship’ problems. I wanted to work things out but I guess I didn’t know how best to do it.

I was home one day, settling into the couch for a dose of an episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air when she called my phone. Looking back now, I probably shouldn’t have picked up the call. I looked at my phone screen then looked at the TV screen. A serious bone of contention. I picked up the call, my eyes fixated on the floor.

“Hi Ayo. We need to talk. We need to discuss what has been going on between us,” she said.

“Hey. Yes we definitely need to,”  I said, while considering turning off the TV because my eyes kept going back to the screen.

She sighed deeply and was about to say something before I interrupted her with my laughter.

“What?! What is funny? I’m trying to work things out here and you’re laughing? I’m done. It’s over.”

She cut the call before I could explain that Will Smith’s silliness was the reason for my laughter.

I was very sad afterwards and for the first time ever, my favourite sitcom couldn’t get me out of a terrible mood in which it had a hand in.

Yours insensitively,

Ayo Wright

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