If you know me well, you would know how proud I am of my surname. “Wright” – the surname that seasons every other name, even Sharafa. But my first name has done more for me than Wright has. “Ayobami” – Joy has come to me or joy don jam me. A name that has somehow gotten me through and out of sad/depressing times. Sometimes I’m lost in worry then from nowhere, I just laugh at myself. I laugh too easily; problematic sometimes but yeah.

I’ve tried to tame this inherent joy just to be seen as a calm guy. You know, cool as ice, man of few words etc., but every time I’ve done this, my well-being has been questioned. So I’ve stopped trying to tame it and decided to be grateful & to spread the energy.

I bring joy to the table everywhere I go and that is the most interesting thing about me.

Your joy bringer,


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