What a week!

The week started off quite well. I seemed to have moved on from my stolen wallet that had my bank card and student ID card in it. I remember the night it happened. It was two weeks ago, I was on my way home from the library, having had a superb day — Man United won the EFL cup earlier and a productive day in the library. So I was listening to music, earplugs in, on maximum volume. Then the wallet fell off while trying to put it in my back pocket after withdrawing some money. I was so engrossed in my happy mood to have heard the sound of it drop. After realising what had happened, I had to try so hard to forgive myself for being so careless.

How did I move on?

Well, I thank God I didn’t fully invest in the idea of putting most of my important stuff in my wallet. One of the reasons for this is exactly because of what happened — losing the wallet = losing everything inside. It’s just too much investment for me. Anyway, so I blocked the stolen card and requested for a new one, found a way around withdrawing, got a new student ID, and tried to live like nothing happened. Yes, ‘tried’, because I kept getting emails concerning failed renewal of monthly subscriptions. The emails kept reminding me of my loss.

I was hoping to get called for a shift more than once during the week. The days kept passing by but no call came through. By Thursday night, I already gave up on getting called. Thankfully, I was called the next morning to work somewhere that required using the train. I was so excited, like finally, a shift at last! The thought of not having enough cash in hand for the journey didn’t bother me too much because I planned to ask my friends on my flat for help. So I got ready on time. Next thing was to get the money. I called my friends in the building but none could come through due to being absent.

Then I began to panic. What the heck?! Of all days to leave home early, y’all picked today? Like, Lord please I need this shift. I need this money. Let me just find help from somewhere, someone… anyone!

So I stepped out and walked towards the train station. The plan was to keep walking and hopefully meet someone I know on the way that could be of help. It’s funny now because I actually listened to a sermon on Functional Faith before living home. At the time though, it didn’t exactly seem like functional faith, it was more of desperation and frustration. I began to miss having a bank card. Oh, the agony of having money you seriously need but can’t get access to — Absolutely annoying. The loss I thought I had moved on from started haunting me.

On getting close to the train station and running out of time, I called the agency to tell them about the situation. To be honest, at this point, I wasn’t sure of what to expect from whoever I spoke to — The worst that could have happened would be to cancel my shift or miraculously get financial help from the agency. I think somehow hoped to get the latter.

And that, my friends, was what I got! I was told someone would be waiting to give me the required money at the train station and that was what happened. I ended up getting to my destination on time and having a great day.

I thank God for the favour I experienced. I thank God for sending help. I thank God I didn’t give up but decided to be hopeful against all odds.

I got my new bank card today so I think I can safely say I have moved on from the loss.

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  1. I’ve still not gotten over the loss of my wallet – a lot of cash, all my debit cards, ID cards, and whole lot…I don’t even want to own one again…the loss was a blow that took quite a while for me to recover from. Nice one. Keep it up

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