Dear Story


First I would like to apologize to you.

I am sorry. I am sorry I have been sleeping on you for years. I have terribly underrated your power to have great effects on my mind and emotions. In fact, I don’t think I ever gave you a chance in my thoughts to even fathom your greatness.

In the past, my hatred for reading hindered me from giving you a chance. I mean, I was compelled to read Mother’s Choice back in Junior Secondary school because I didn’t want to fail literature. Trust me, if I could rewind time, I would choose literature over geography.

In the past few months, I have been enlightened on your abilities. I have been enlightened on how you are everywhere — TV shows, movies, novels, newspapers, magazines, video games and even ads! I have realized your ubiquity is based on how much of an effective bridge you are to the human mind and emotions.

I remember how I used TV shows to escape from the stressful/overwhelming feeling of assessment deadlines of last semester. After watching episodes of Chuck and Prison Break, I would find myself feeling almost engrossed in the lives of some of my favorite characters. This made me worry less about school work.

Story, it’s amazing how you are able to this!

After such an epiphany of your greatness, I have decided to read and learn more about you and your superpowers. I have started reading and learning from the perspectives of Lisa Cron (Wired for Story) and Jonathan Gottschall ( The Storytelling Animal). Now I don’t even watch a movie or TV show or read a book without taking time out to reflect on, analyse and appreciate your power and how you have been used in each context.

I hope it’s not too late for you to become my friend. I hope you would forgive me and reveal more of yourself to me as I learn about you. I hope you would let me use you to reach out to and connect with men, women, boys, and girls that need to be reached out to for salvation and life transforming experiences. I hope you can help me inspire people to be better.

Story, I really hope you give me a chance.

Your latest fan,



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  1. This is so me, when you finally realize that you’d just been time wasting with others like tv and geography, when the love of your life has been right there all along – stories and literature

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