I strongly believe in the power of words. I believe words are like bullets. I believe words have the power to change lives for good — this is primarily the reason why I write. One beautiful thing about words is that they have the power to outlive their owners or users, so your words — said or typed — can either speak well of you or bad of you.

As a writer, I am determined to make good use of this power of words to positively inspire everyone (or someone) that reads any piece written by me. I have realized it is not going to be as easy as I thought because everyone writes these days so I need to constantly overcome the temptation of trying to be like someone else or the temptation of giving up when the inspiration is absent.

I must confess, the inspiration to be an inspiration via my words has been lacking for days or weeks. Sometimes I feel like writing fiction but these story ideas are hard to come by. I have started investing in some storytelling books anyway. I am hoping this investment won’t be in vain. Sometimes I feel like dropping off the weights on my shoulders by simply writing how I feel. But here’s the thing, writing about such things seem inappropriate to me because I’d basically be putting my whole life out here.

Maybe I shouldn’t care about being vulnerable and just express myself based on my feelings.

Maybe I need to pray more story ideas.

Maybe I shouldn’t bother too much about inspiring you as you read and just write anyway.

LackOfInspiration, you have lost.



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