Letter to my teenage self

Dear Awizzle4shizzle,

Before I get into the main purpose of writing this letter to you, why on earth did you choose such a nickname? I know the ‘zzle’ thing is what is in vogue over there but at least, can’t you just be unique? Must you follow the crowd?

I hear you are now a science student. Is that really what you want? I ask because back in primary school, you used to draw a lot and make your own comic books. Where did all that go? Something tells me your decision to opt for science class was greatly influenced by your closest friends making such decision. I know your parents do not force you to make important decisions so I am sure this has nothing to do with them. I just hope you don’t regret it at the end.

I also hear there is a girl you are presently chasing. I was told you are trying your best to win her heart with all your romantic moves — getting her the very best of valentine gifts you could ever come up with it, calling or texting her everyday etc. You must be feeling like a man right now. How old are you again? 14? 15? Lol smh. I hate to burst your bubble but this is not the time for all that. I know it’s hard because that is what is reigning now over there — being in relationships and trying all kinds of stuff. But believe me when I say I have been there and it’s just a waste of time at your age.

How are your grades these days? The last time I checked, you seemed to be comfortable with your average scores, telling me how you are afraid of the top because you are not sure if you would be able to maintain top grades. I hope you’ve been able to overcome this fear because you can never know how much potential you have if you don’t give it a shot and maximize the abilities in you. Create time to study. God didn’t create you to be average. Remember He created you in His image and we both know He is the embodiment of excellence.

Talking of God, how is your relationship with Him now? I hope you are now closer to Him as a result of accepting His offer of love, salvation and eternal life through the death and resurrection of Jesus. I hope you have stopped hating church. I hope you have stopped dodging Sunday school classes. If only you knew what you are missing. The world is turning upside down over here. Technology is something else; making life easier and making it easy to fall for the tricks of the devil all wrapped up as fun. Only the strong shall survive so the earlier the better.

Awizzle4shizzle, I will end with this: Get right with and close to God. Do not follow the crowd. Spend time, at this young age of yours, discovering your true self, your talents and your abilities (with God’s help, because hey, He was the One that put them there initially). Be you and do you. Make more plans and write them down. Imagine more. Dream more. Live beyond now. Live beyond your PlayStation console. All this may seem too serious for you but remember, there is time for everything. And time waits for no man. Your life is not an action/adventure video game, you don’t get to ‘Restart at your last checkpoint’.

Peace and Love,

Your future self,

Ayo Wright.

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  1. Wow!!!! This is a masterpiece… I can really relate to this because the other day I was writing to my younger self too. Thankx Awizz for putting this out and it’s got subtle lessons in it too. Once again, it’s a lovely piece.

  2. The simple message only a very miniscule few get to understand while they are yet teenagers. Isn’t it such an irony?

  3. Loolz…Girl chasing at 14,15… but seriously This is really amazing. I can totally relate. Swaying with the crowd and wanted to be accepted by the majority regardless. Self discovery is a journey everyone has to embark on to realise their God-given purpose.

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