Been there, done that.

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I was in between trying to forgive myself for not heeding to the intuition I had earlier about making that turn and trying not to respond angrily to my wife, who, at this point, had become a bitter victim of the consequences of my bad decision.

“Eric, you never listen to me!” Rachel said. “Always claiming to be a legend of these Lagos streets, now we are stuck in this stagnant traffic”

It was my brother’s wedding and we needed to be at the venue 2 hours before to ensure everything was in place. Rachel and I were on course to achieving this objective just before I decided to make a turn in order to avoid unnecessary traffic. Myself and my brother, John, made use of this route to avoid traffic and it never disappointed us. I could swear I heard a voice telling me not to take that route on this very day, but nah, I overdosed on the road’s past glory. So we were there, stuck in a traffic that had the potential of turning into where we might be spending the night.

“Darling, I am sorry. I tho-” I said, before being interrupted.

“Sorry for yourself! Now how are we going to get to the venue to put things in place? Ehn! How?! And you know how organised this needs to be.”

“Yes, I do. But sadly I can’t do anything about the present situation. I am sorry for taking this ro-” Again I was interrupted, this time by an incoming call from John.

“Hello, Big bro! Thanks for your help, I hope everything is all set for my fantastic wedding?” John asked, filled with enthusiasm.

“I wish I could say so, bro.” I replied, not knowing how to break the deadly traffic news to him.

“What do you mean, big bro?” He asked, with panic setting in. “I am already on my way to the venue, in fact, I am about to make that our never-disappointing road in Ikorodu because I foresee heavy traffic on the other side”

“Ah! John, please don’t pass there! Pass the other side. Don’t make the same mistake I made” I said. “Myself and Rachel are presently stuck in a crazy traffic on that Ikorodu road and it doesn’t look like we would be out of it in the next 3 hours or so.”

“Wow. So you would be coming in towards the end of the wedding?” John asked, sadly.

“Yeah, bro. I am so sorry. But on the bright side, as a result of my mistake, you can avoid going late to your own wedding” I said, still full of regret.

“It is well, big bro. Everything happens for a reason. Thanks for the heads up. See you soon, hopefully. ” John replied.

At the end of the day, John was able to get there on time to put things in place and get married on time. Eric and Rachel spent 3 hours in the traffic before finally getting to the wedding. At least, they didn’t miss most of the reception.

Sometimes, we go through some bad situations as a result of bad decisions. But for those that love God, He always has a way of making everything work out together for their good, everything including bad decisions (Rom 8:28). Although we might face the consequences of such decisions, the good news is that we get to help others to avoid making such decisions and facing the painful consequences. We can say, “Been there, done that but this is the way..or this is better”.

We are helped to help others. We are blessed to bless others. We are allowed to go through and overcome some tough situations so as to help others to overcome similar situations in a better way.

Look beyond you, there is a bigger picture.

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