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No one wants to be poor or broke. Everybody wants to be successful. Everybody wants to achieve greatness. I don’t know about you, but I love the smell of achievement; the feeling of fulfillment. It is so soothing. How about the little guy within me that jumps for excitement when I give a set goal that Nike-esque accomplishment tick? Priceless.

I have not always been the type that sets goals. Ayo has always been the Take each day as it comes and just run with it type of guy. And even when I manage to set goals, I do it in my head. I have heard about the importance of writing them down so as to be focused and all, but nahh, I never really bought the idea until the concluding part of last year when the whole idea and importance of writing down goals kept coming from every angle — even from the angle of innocently watching my beloved Prison Break all over again.


Well I am a huge fan of Michael Scofield and the way he gets things done. As I re-watched the series, I could see the importance of strategic planning in the each of Michael’s achievements. From tattooing his entire body with plans to how he and his teammates got Scylla by strategically copying each Scylla card from its holder. Mind-blowing stuff. Yeah I know he’s a fictional character, but damn it I have started considering him as a role model.

We all want success, but Joshua Selman once said (and I have also experienced it) that the process of achieving success is more important than the success itself. The process is never easy. Consistency is not easy. But if we want to successfully grow to the level of greatness in any area, we would need to stay on the things we know (from books, teachings, and sermons). A plant knows that if it stays strong in its rightful place, even in the midst of harsh weather conditions, its season for growth and flourishing would eventually come. The plant knows this and consistently applies this, hence it experiences fruitfulness. If it gives up and moves away from where it ought to be, it might just miss out on eventual greatness and fruitfulness.

Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free. It is the truth that we know, and consistently stick to and apply that will indeed set us free in every area.

Anyway, as for me, I have started making more plans now, not just in my head but also on paper (or my phone). The result of finally applying the idea of writing plans and goals down has been fantastic. And if not for anything, I intend to stay on it for the sake of that little guy that always jumps for joy when I give a set goal the Nike-esque accomplishment tick. I will keep doing it for the little guy.

So help me, God.



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  1. I can relate to ‘writing the plans in my head’ too. Just like in school when people do timetable for reading. I just couldn’t. Lol. Yh, we need to write them down, so I have read in certain books.

    So help us God.

  2. Lovely as always! You can tell I’m doing a walk round of your blog today! haha!
    Plan! Plan! Plan! Only life can teach us the real importance of this!
    Plan! But plan according to God’s plan!
    Thanks for sharing Ayo!

  3. Oh I tried to get them plans written down, it dint always work. I think I followed it up better when I made a mental note in my head. The process of achieving success is truly more important than the success itself.

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