My Medium Challenge

Happy new year everyone. Thanks for visiting my blog last year. Thanks for your great comments. You made my writing journey more encouraging last year. Let’s do it again this year.  God bless you all for the support.

So, I am on Medium (as Ayo Wright). It is a world of readers and writers that I have been a part of for close to a year now. I have been quite inactive there. As it is a new year, I want to repent of my evil ways and be more consistent with my writing (both here and on Medium). Therefore I have embraced a 52-week writing challenge. This means I am going to write 52 times this year. (This is stylishly my first one, so na 51 remain)

Anyway, I just posted this on Medium.

I have always, at several times, wanted to be more observant. You know, try to gather all the details of even the least detailed things in my surrounding. But this only lasts for a day or maybe some hours.

Maybe my attention span is low.

Maybe I need to be more self-controlled.

Maybe I need a challenge; something like a deadline.

A challenge or a deadline. Yes, that’s it. There is something about deadlines that keeps me going. So I immediately embraced the 52-week writing challenge by The Writing Cooperative when I was informed about it.

Therefore, this is me publicly committing to writing about my week in review every week of 2017 — most likely on Sundays. I also intend to mix it with writing about an emotion each week. So help me, God.

With this, I know I would be forced to pay more attention to my surroundings in order to see the simplest things others are overlooking and derive inspiration from them. And also, seeing opportunities where others are seeing problems.

For greatness lies in the little details, sometimes. It all depends on if and how you see it.

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