Open letter to Abbeylinko


Where exactly do I start from to explain how much I love and appreciate you? Truth is, even if I could find the words, they still wouldn’t be as weighty as the love you have showered me with. Even if I could learn and replicate Ramsey Noah’s skills of expressing love, I still would fall short in comparison to how well you have displayed your love to me.

We have shared wonderful moments that will forever be in my head and heart, even the bad ones. Times that I have offended you to tears and you vow to not care anymore, then after some hours, we are homies again. Times that you would come and pick me late from school with some Gala and Chocolate ice cream in your bag for me. I didn’t like those days because I would stay in school till 7pm, or 9pm sometimes when my mates were already in bed. But the snacks you would bring along pacified whatever anger I had in me. Oh yeah, I also enjoyed the privilege of buying whatever I wanted (on credit) from the shops till your arrival. There were also times when you would seize my PlayStation console because it was affecting my grades in school. You have always wanted nothing but the best for me. Always encouraging, and being up to date with girls I have had something for.

Abbeylinko, you are the strongest woman I know. Always on the hustle..even though age is beginning to tell on you physically, your mind is still as strong as always. You would say, tori re naa mo sen sise (I am working because of you). 

It is because of you that we rarely go to the hospital at home. When anyone is sick, you are always willing to sacrifice your plans in order to help. Heck, even when you are the one that is sick and in need of help, you are still strong enough to go out of your way to help us. You too much, Abbeylinko!

I so much hate seeing you cry. It has this magnetic way of drawing out tears from my eyes (even if I have just done 100 sit-ups). I remember how you would get teary whenever I had to leave for Uni, which was just about an hour away from home. lol I just couldn’t understand why. But in times like this, I usually wished I wasn’t your only child. I wish I could be there for you as much as you have been there for me. I will never forget when I felt close to death in final year with a terrible malaria. I intentionally didn’t tell you when I was rushed to the hospital from school that night, because I knew you would literally break down. But you still showed up the next morning after the nurse contacted you the night before. Panicking, as expected. You told me of how completely disorganized you were when you got the news and how you went straight to my room upstairs at home to intercede for me because it was too late to drive to the hospital. I thank God I survived the sickness, and i thank God for blessing me with you.

Amazing superwoman! I am so blessed to have you. You have invested so much into my life — time, love, money, and yourself. I wonder how I would repay you, Abbeylinko. I promise to love you more. I promise to listen to you more even when I am not in the mood to listen to your gists or when I am watching football or playing game. Life is moving fast and we are spending less time together because your boy has to discover and fulfill purpose. I know this is a bitter-sweet time for you but I promise(by God’s grace) not to get so carried away with my life that I forget to love you.

Abbeylinko, I could go on and on but I will stop here for now.

On this day, which is your birthday, I thank God for keeping you, and I pray that He will bless and keep you to enjoy(to the maximum) the fruits and benefits of your labour in my life. I also pray that in this new year, you will get closer to Jesus’ name, amen!

Happy Birthday to the greatest mother alive, Abiodun Wright a.k.a Abbeylinko!

Omo yin atata,


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  1. Awwwwwwww, This is beautiful… Happy Birthday to Our Big Mummy…More happy years in Jesus name…

  2. Beautiful! God bless your mum. I pray she gets to enjoy her labour upon you!
    God bless your heart and hand…

  3. Wat a great piece my bro…. at first I was wondering who it was so strong a love was referring to, den with d hints I discovered it was mom… God bless her dis day and may her days be long in earth with abundant excellent health from God alone.

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