In a world where it has been said that ‘Knowledge is power’, Samuel, in his low self-esteemed state, began to chase knowledge with the hope that the acquired knowledge would give him wings

In the space of 3 years, Samuel read 40 books. To him, this was a major achievement. I mean, for someone that hated books for the most part of his life, such accomplishment was a big deal for him. He mainly focused on reading inspirational and Christian books which helped build his faith and confidence

He no longer struggled to contribute in some discussions that pertained to life. Samuel was no longer seen and known as ‘Mr shy guy’..he was now seen as ‘Mr wise guy’. The guy that could now stand in front of people and construct meaningful sentences. The guy that knew so much about God from the perspective of several men of God from their books and sermons. He did a great job in not being puffed up in the knowledge he had acquired. Humble guy indeed! 

But having spent much time and money investing in books, of recent Samuel has been feeling defeated by some things he believed he had conquered based on knowledge. He goes to church these days and most of the things the preacher says are things he’s no stranger to, but still not a master of. Things like Self Discipline, Faith, Endurance etc. Things he thought he had fully understood. 

After much thought, Samuel had a moment of epiphany. He suddenly knew what the problem was. He knew so much but due to lack of consistent application of the knowledge, he had been powerless. If he had consistently practised the things he knew, he won’t have been experiencing his recent defeats. 

Maybe, just maybe, knowledge is like mathematics that needs to be practised everyday so as to gain mastery.

Maybe we can say that knowledge acquisition is a potential, but knowledge application is true power.

Or lastly, maybe true power can manifest via experiential knowledge, for it is written, ‘Those that know their God shall be strong and do exploits’ — Daniel 11:32. Nothing beats an experience, sometimes. Sometimes it’s the form of knowledge that can and needs to be held on to. Knowing something or someone for yourself is much better than knowing something about something and someone.

But what do I know?

So tell me, what do you think?

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  1. Yes, I believe the saying: ‘Practice makes perfect ‘comes to light with what you shared. Some of us think being able to quote the scriptures offhand is all that we need.
    “To be a Doer not just a hearer.”
    Thanks Awizzle!

  2. True.. you have to do what you know. Knowledge without application is like having the best sports car parked in your compound but not having the keys. Useless!

  3. True analysis, knowledge gives you power to an extent, but experimental knowledge makes you powerful. True talk AY..

  4. Interesting reading and poignant at that. Yet you know the Road to God is not easy and as your grow Spiritually it only gets worse. We have to undergo that refining like gold as you likened the gold’s experience to faith. Somehow you made the connection there. The Bible tells us that some will be allowed to fall so that they can be refined and this may be what you were experiencing. Don’t give up no matter what life throws at you, nothing is worth the wonder of God for you. May God bless you even more in writing so He can be given more Glory and reach the hearts and minds of your readers.

  5. I feel you accurately capture the dilemma of many knowledgeable individuals who knows a lot but lack little practical result.
    Surely I think its more profitable to practice the little knowledge we have than acquiring non practiceable knowledge. Its by practice we gain understanding leading to wisdom which is the ultimatum of knowledge in the first instant.

    I tell you it is not going to be easy but it is worth it.

    Thanks for sharing this!

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