Man, today was fantastic! For some time now, I have not been feeling too confident whenever the book of Esther in the Bible is being referred to or mentioned. Funny thing is that I have actually read it before, but for some reason the stories and lessons from the book never really registered so I decided to give it another go. This time around, I am making a painstaking effort to read it, learn a thing or two and ensure it stores well in my mind.

I started the book today. Chapter one is so rich. Most times when that chapter is being discussed, we normally focus on just Queen Vashti’s disobedience. We often conclude that pride was her reason for not obeying the king’s command. However, the Bible didn’t mention the reason behind her not showing up. So while reading today, I thought and asked myself, “What if she wasn’t feeling fine?” or “What if she was shy?” or maybe it was overfamiliarity that caused it. Only God knows. But the bottom line is that regardless of whatever reason it was, she should have gone, out of respect for the king.


Another thing I picked up from this chapter is that, normally, everyone is to live an exemplary life because you don’t know who is watching. This is more compulsory for people in high positions (like the one Queen Vashti was in) because everyone is watching. She was the role model for women back then, so her behaviour could have led to other women looking up to her or her position to also behave like she did. The thing is, when you are in a high position, people look up to being like you or being in your position one day. Now there is a difference between ‘being like you’ and ‘being in your position’. I realised today that character is what determines if someone would actually want to be like you. So when someone says “I want to be like you o”, what is that person referring to? Is it your position or your personality?


The last thing I picked up from this chapter is that the saying, “Beauty can attract a man but it takes more than that to keep him” is true. I believe this was what made Queen Vashti lose her position as the queen. She had the beauty to get the position but lacked the character to keep it.

loyal moses

As if all these lessons were not enough for today, I went to church this evening and learnt new things about loyalty. I thought I knew what loyalty was all about but I was wrong. I learnt a lot. The major thing I learnt was that true loyalty is when a man is loyal to God before his people and loyal to his people before God. A perfect example is Moses. He was so loyal to his people that he interceded for them before God regardless of all the rubbish they said to him. What even blows my mind is the fact that God wanted to start afresh by destroying those Israelites and making Moses the father of the new set of people. I mean he had a lot to gain from this new plan, but no, Moses was too loyal for that. So I started thinking, am I actually a good example of this true loyalty? My answer was “No”. Enough work still de but God’s got me, so there is hope for me to get to this level one day.

Thanks for reading. Please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts in the comment box below.

– Ayo.

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  1. Very inciting. Thanks.
    Thanks for bringing this subtle issue. “… your personality or your position…”
    Seems it’s time for some Bible study here too.

  2. I never thought of it that way oh! Funny enough when I tell people I want to be like you, it’s usually their position or affluence. I seemily don’t refer to their personality, alot of us need to work on ourselves.

    As usual, you delivered greatly dear friend, thank you. And I can see something, someone deserves a gift yo!

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