SATURDAY (APRIL 23rd) – MY GUY!! Part 2

This is my first time of doing a part 2 of any piece. But there is a first time for everything. So I stopped at King Solo, next up is Joyce Meyer!
Joyce Meyer, what a great woman of God. She has been so much of a blessing to me. I remember when Obinna (a close friend/brother) and I were very excited when she followed us back on twitter. It almost felt like we had made it in life. What a great achievement. Lol. Obinna has been my major supply of Joyce Meyer’s books – both hard and soft copy. My guy can read for the world. I call him ‘Adobe Reader’ (yeah you can stop straightening your face now and laugh a little, thanks). God bless him for me. Anyway, I found out about Joyce from the TBN channel on DSTV. When I finally see her, I don’t even know how I would approach her. I would love to give her a nice hug but then, my Yoruba culture mentality won’t allow me because she is in her 70’s at the moment. So maybe na to prostrate go sure pass. Afterwards, I would thank her for writing ‘Power thoughts’, ‘Battlefield of the mind’, ‘How to hear from God’ and ‘Living beyond your feelings’. These books changed my mentality on so many things and in so many ways. I would thank her for teaching with great simplicity and humour.
Dr Myles Munroe of blessed memory! I was doing my NYSC camping at Bauchi when I was informed of his death. I had never physically met him before but I felt sad because I had met him via his books. As a matter of fact, his books on potential and purpose kicked off my reading career (Yes, my reading career). So when we finally get to see, I would thank him for taking the issue of purpose and potential very serious. It was from reading his books that I found out that God made every single person with/for a purpose. It felt really good to know that.
Jude Abaga! A.k.a M.I Abaga! Yes, I know he is not a gospel rapper but this guy was the major inspiration behind my own rapping career today. Listening to him back in 2008/2009 with my secondary school brothers made us believe we could rap too. I was a chronic M.I fan back then. I knew all his songs, from his singles to mixtapes to albums. So when I see him, I would appreciate him for making Nigerians believe in Nigerian Hip-hop and for inspiring people like me to write and spit raps. I also pray that he would get born again very soon so that we can properly turn up for God in heaven (hopefully, with rap verses) when we leave this earth.
Now to a Christian rapper, my guy Lecrae! Although M.I inspired me to start writing raps, Lecrae inspired me to start writing raps that glorified God. I mean, your use of your God-given gift should not be displeasing to the One that gave you the gift in the first place. Lecrae made me believe you can also write and spit raps about God and the Bible too. I am like, “who knew?!” I remember when I started getting closer to God and I had to get rid of dem Lil Wayne and Eminem on my phone. It wasn’t easy. I was thinking I won’t get to listen to any hip hop again. Then I found out about Lecrae and since then, we have been good friends…via his songs, that is. I started discovering other Christian rappers by listening to Lecrae as well. So when I see him, I would shake and hug him like a fantastic friend I have only been talking to via WhatsApp and just meeting for the first time. God bless him for being such a great inspiration.
Last but not the least, Cristiano Ronaldo! This guy was one of the major reasons I started supporting Manchester United. There was a time I wanted to be like him in football, playing skilfully from the wings and all. I now know my strength in the game so I don’t aspire to be like him anymore. But when I see him, I would also thank him for inspiring me. And if I get to see him before he retires from the game, I would beg him to come back to Man United and retire there. The love we have for him is everlasting.
I didn’t add this initially, but I would love to meet Miss Adedoyin Jaiyesimi, the founder of Sparkle Writers. They deal with training writers and helping them find their sparkle and uniqueness for about 5 weeks. What I find amazing is that the training is for free. I stumbled on their twitter handle – @SparkleWriters earlier this year and sometime in March, they tweeted about the training program and I decided to try it. I thank God for them. What they are doing is very inspirational. I have been undergoing the training for weeks now and I can say that I have really grown as a writer. See, even this piece you are reading is as a result of meeting them online. When I finally meet Miss Adedoyin in person, I might most likely turn the meeting to a prayer meeting filled with thanksgiving and prophecies. lol
So that’s it, these are some of the people I would really love to meet in person. Oh yeah, I would love to meet every single person I have not met physically but has read or has been reading my articles and stories. You guys are the real MVP! Inspiring me from a distance. God bless you.

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  1. That’s a lot of “inspirers”. I pray God gives us, we the “inspirees”, the grace to live up to the point where we inspire others too. God’s grace.

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