It is always exciting to see a good friend you haven’t seen in a very long time, and even more exciting to see that good friend in an unprecedented manner. Especially when you guys didn’t end your last conversation very well or didn’t say goodbye properly and exchange numbers or any form of contact whatsoever. Okay, let’s even bring it down a little bit. Let’s say this person isn’t even a good friend, but just some random guy that paid for your food or saved you from a life-threatening mishap. Let’s look at it from a very hungry but broke man’s point of view. He’s seated in his favourite restaurant one Sunday evening and the waiter brings his favourite meal (just the way he loves it) to him and tells him that someone has already paid for the meal and wants to remain anonymous. Anony what?! Of course, he would definitely love to see this person that did such a huge favour for him in order to express his gratitude. But sadly, he can’t. So he goes home and feels this urge or eagerness to finally meet this person one day. One day, just to say “Thank you”. Days, weeks, months and years go and he still hasn’t met this person. After a while, it may seem like he has forgotten but that urge would always arise whenever he goes to his favourite restaurant. The day finally comes when he meets this Good Samaritan, he runs to him and says (with so much excitement), “My guy!!! Chai! Na you be this?! I don de find you since tey. Thanks a lot for the other day. God bless you abeg!”
The analogy is almost a perfect example of how my reaction would be when I finally see people like Jesus, King Solomon, Apostle Paul, Joyce Meyer, Dr Myles Munroe, M.I Abaga, Lecrae, Cristiano Ronaldo, the person that invented books, and the person that invented football. I was told to write on just one person (that is alive) I would love to meet and what I would discuss with the person. But it is very hard to choose just one person. Jesus is definitely an easy decision. Apart from Him though, picking one among the other people I mentioned would be very hard. Simply because these people have touched my life greatly without even physically meeting them. So even if some of them are dead physically, their words and legacy keep them alive to me. I would try to talk about meeting a few of them.
When I finally see Jesus, I would first of all hug Him and thank Him for taking my place on the cross. Then I would ask Him how He was able to do all He did. How He agreed to God’s plan of Him coming to die and rise for the world (that didn’t really send Him, because you see ehn, sometimes it can be hard for me to sacrifice just dodo or pomo, especially if it’s the last piece). How He was able to control Himself and not vex and mess dem persecutors up when they falsely accused Him in front of Pontius Pilate. How He was able to handle criticism like a boss. How He was able to answer questions with such wisdom. How we can totally relate to how He felt when He told God to let the cup of the cross pass away but was still willing to let God have His way. That thing no easy o. I can go on and on but I would stop here.
When I see Apostle Paul ehn, I would be like “My guy!! Chai! Na you be this?! Thanks a lot for the epistles! God bless you abeg!” Life-giving letters! They are forever a blessing to me. I would ask him about how it felt to be on the side of the people he had persecuted for many years. Did he feel like how a football player would feel when he leaves his team for a more superior rival team? Oh, I must ask him how he was able to hold himself without getting married! My goodness, what a strong man. I would tell Him I’m a huge fan of the way he wrote and the way he addressed issues. I would tell him how I so love his realness. No forming. Baba de talk the matter as e be and as e de hot. I would also ask Him how he was able to get all those deep revelations that he shared in his epistles. Then maybe lastly, I would ask him to confirm if he was truly the one that wrote the book of Hebrews because clarity is still needed as touching who actually wrote that book.
When I see King Solo ehn, I would first ask him what exactly he was on when he wrote the book of Ecclesiastes because till today that book can mess with one’s mind anyhow. Then I would thank him for the book of proverbs and hail him for the romantic lines he dropped in Songs of Solomon. Baba agba, Twale!
To be continued…

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  1. Awizz aye wonderful write up so insightful more grace my brother but in place of C Ronaldo while not put Messi lol Up Man U.

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