I remember when I spent my summer in Surulere back in 2014. I had a great time at Dagogo’s place. Dagogo Hart Dagogo, a true brother from another mother. A guy that left his Physics WAEC practical exam to help me out when I was missing my way. His home is like my second home any day and anytime. He has a wonderful family with one of the greatest mothers ever! They took me (during my GCE, JAMB and WAEC days) in like I was actually part of their family. I would never forget them. Anyway, so I spent some weeks there when Dagogo was in town in 2014. I think we played game every single day. And that was where I learnt the saying – “You thought abi??” Funny stuff. It was used whenever we were playing FIFA and one of the persons playing tries to score and misses or when he behaves like he is in control then the other person scores or wins the game. Then the person that wins or scores now goes “You thought! You thought aaabi?!” In the loser’s mind, he would be thinking to himself, “and I actually thought o, chai”

So that is just a background introduction. Today I thought and believed that since I had been pulling some cocky stunts on the weather, I could carry on by not wearing a jacket or hoodie. And so, I did it. I went to church with no jacket, just my cardigan. I was warm enough.

In church, the Pastor reminded me (in his teaching) of how unstable our feelings or emotions can be. It is so unstable. Hmm, maybe that’s why feelings are called “e-motions”? Because they are always on the move? One minute they are here, the other minute they are there. Like guy just calm down naa and stay one place! The Pastor compared the instability to the British weather (In the morning it’s quite warm, a while later it’s really cold).  At that point, I thought I could relate to the comparison so I was feeling the teaching. But when church ended and I was heading home, my ability to relate to that comparison increased. I could relate more simply because, like human feelings, the British weather just manifested its true self by being unstable. It was colder than when I was coming.  Talk about practical experience! I guess that is what experience does, it brings to life what one has theoretically learnt. See me thinking my dressing was warm enough for the journey to and fro. See me thinking I could perfectly relate to the Pastor’s comparison while still seated in church. Only for me to go outside and the weather was like “lol, you thought aaabi?!”

So my deduction is, the human feelings, just like the British weather, cannot be trusted. Man must act based on the truth that he knows and not merely on British weather like feelings.

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  1. OK! And mo ro pé….
    The darn uncertainties in life. Awkwardly, that’s what makes life fun. Uncertainties, risks, and the likes…
    God help us.
    Thanks again.

  2. I finally broke the trend of not reading your journals! Hallelujah! Beautiful piece babe. Really nice comparison. I’ve had a lot of those kinds of moments. And my deduction is that the Lord deliberately allows us to. I believe that the holy spirit is the best teacher but sometimes experience kinda has a way of expanding that understanding as in your case. Again b, really nice piece

  3. Environmental climate change is real and the average weather is unpredictable. I remember sometimes last year, a weather forecaster was sued for giving false weather report which caused accidents on the road. But, sometimes hypothesis is part of science and predictions is allowed. As for the ordinary people this saying is for them ” there is no such thing as bad weather, it’s just inappropriate dressing”

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