So I realized I have not been doing this journal thing well. I have been doing more of writing on my daily activities instead of writing on my observations each day. Oh well, I don’t really go out these days. The only thing that takes me out is either church meetings or food. Anyway, I am doing it right tonight.

I observed something today for like the second time. The breeze here can literally blow you to the ground. Another thing I have observed is that everybody is on their own here. What I mean is, nobody sends you, apart from the friends you have made here. Everyone is just going about their business. These two observations got me thinking. The major one being the breeze situation.

The breeze blowing is just like life. Life, blowing daily with challenges. If person no strong, person go just de fall anyhow. So one must stand firm in one’s beliefs, in one’s values and personal convictions, because anyone can just come with anything and if you are shallow and weak, you would easily fall. When walking in the cold and ‘kinetic’ breeze, I fix my hands in my jacket pockets. This, in a way, helps me get some form of balance against the breeze. So in life, man must stand firm and fix his faith on what he really believes regardless of whatever breeze of challenge that blows.

“If you don’t stand for something, you would fall for anything”. – Unknown

I hope this makes sense though.

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  1. Welcome to the UK. It’s a big OYO situation. It’s you and Jesus + those He gives grace to care for you.

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