As I write this, I am yet to know which particular incident I want to or should write about. I have written about my encounter with the police while driving and I have also written about my minor driving accident. Oh well.

I like the type of man I am becoming, or better still, I like the type of man God is transforming me into. It’s amazing to me because, when I look back at the type of guy I was, compared to my present self, I can see that a lot of things have changed. The mirrors I have used in my lifetime are one of my major witnesses. You may be wondering, “What is this guy saying? What on earth do mirrors have to do with witnessing? Abi is he trying to form grammarian, getting all figurative with the personification” If these are your thoughts, my reply is: Relax and let me land.

There was a time when I would look at my bald face in the mirror and wish and hope for a lovely goatee. Yes, a lovely goatee. There was just something about having a goatee. To me, it seemed to have that manliness upshot. There was this close friend of mine at the time whose goatee had already started manifesting so I didn’t want to carry last and all. This was when I was in secondary school. I tried many things but it just didn’t manifest. It was quite tiring. Later on it started growing without much stress. Bible wey talk sey “God makes everything beautiful in its time” no lie. Now the goatee grows well, even with a bonus of an almost connecting beard. Everything na time.

Oh I remember when I was terribly shy. Crazy stuff. Looking at someone (especially a stranger) was a major struggle. Self-esteem issues were part of the reason for this, I guess. If I was told then that a time would come when I would be going on evangelism to preach to strangers on the road, I probably would have laughed it off (maybe while facing the ground). Since I got saved, God has been helping me deal with it. When God tells you that He didn’t put the spirit of fear in you and that the righteous are as bold as a lion, shyness would start getting shy. So if I meet you, the reader of this article, for the first time, we would relate like we have known each other for a long time. God be praised!

I remember when I struggled with academics in high school. I was basically an average student. Coming 16th, 28th, 21st etc out of 41/42. But glory to God for putting an excellent spirit in me and making me finish with a First Class grade in Industrial Chemistry. This transformation alone can make me confidently and wholeheartedly tell an atheist that there is God o!

I remember when I disliked church. Now I’m not just a church boy, but God’s boy!

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  1. A whole lot of remembering I see…don’t even want to imagine you without “goatee” or being at the bottom of the class…it all sounds strange…and you being shy?…oh please 😀

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