Happy new year to my readers. Thank you for visiting my blog and reading my articles last year. A special thank you to those that commented or gave some form of feedback on my articles. God bless!

It is quite hard to keep up with slangs these days. Different generations of slangs have come and gone. Some have been able to stand the test of time. I think Nigeria is up there in the table of Countries with the most use of slangs. We are very creative in this country. From ‘No shaking’ to ‘No lele’ to ‘Burst my head’ to ‘I go change am for you’ to ‘If I hear’ to ‘I pray o’ to ‘No level’ to ‘Gerrarahea Mehn’ and many more. I get curious as to how the slangs get formed, who forms them and how they spread across towns, cities, states and nations. Amazing stuff. One of the slangs that has caught my attention is ‘Turn up’. It has stood the test of time for some years now.

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Turn up is a term or slang that has been commonly used to encourage someone to celebrate or do something elaborate or great or throw a party to mark a birthday or something worth being happy for. Christmas time, New Year’s Eve, January 1st, Easter Season, Valentine’s Day, Office Promotion, Wedding Ceremony and Anniversary. The term turn up comes alive in these times. Talking of coming alive, to turn up actually means to come alive or to be lively or to ‘undull’ or to not ‘sleep on a bicycle’. There I go with more slangs again. Anyway it recently occurred to me that we have relegated turning up to festive seasons. This should not be the case.

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Every single day we wake up to see should actually be celebrated. We ought to do something elaborate every day. Something extraordinary. Why? Because God didn’t create us to be normal. God didn’t create us to live a normal life. He didn’t create us to live an average or mediocre life. He gave mankind the instruction to dominate, to rule, to take charge (Gen1:26-30). In other words, He gave mankind the instruction to turn up. God tells us in another place in the Bible to wake up from our slumber. So to turn up also means to wake up. To wake up and be grateful. To wake up and be productive with our lives. To wake up and be a blessing to someone. To wake up and forgive someone. To wake up and add value. To wake up and put a smile on someone’s face. To wake up and read books. To wake up and be relevant. To wake up and make use of your talents. To wake up and fulfill your dreams. To wake up and fulfill your God given purpose. To wake up and be joyful. To wake up and love. To wake up and live. These are extraordinary things. You see, not everyone that is alive has life. It takes having life to actually be lively.

Jesus says in John14:6 that He is the Way, the Truth and the Life. Therefore, the way to truly have life and be lively is to be alive in the Life – Jesus. Everybody is born again these days but God knows His own. This new year, we need to stop sleeping on a bicycle and wake up and be turned up to God through Jesus in every area of our lives. Then every single day of this year would be a turn up day for us.

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30 thoughts on “TURN.UP.”

  1. Brother I like that,u sounded more like an Evangelist keep it up and always let the masses knw that dere need to ” Turn -up” for Christ.God bless u

  2. I guess this is a serious massage for the year 2016 for anyone who who do not turn up that fellow maybe turned down. Thank you Mr. Wright you remind me about something.

  3. I choose to partake in a turnup today. Well, and every other day *happy dance* 💃🏽. Thank you so much for this post Awizz

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