We are all farmers. ‘We are all farmers? No way, I am not a farmer o, I am an aspiring doctor please, I am an aspiring lawyer, best upcoming engineer in the world, a whole chattered accountant like me….this guy doesn’t even know what he is saying. How can he say we are all farmers? God forbid!’  I am guessing these are your thoughts or at least some of your thoughts.  But there are some terms common to all farmers that are also common to everybody on earth. Words like: Seed, Plant, Germination and harvest.  We are all familiar with the saying ‘What you sow, you reap’   If you believe this saying then you should agree that we are all farmers. Why? Well because the major principle or law of farming is that you will reap what you sow. Simple.  I am not here to pass a judgment on anyone or condemn anyone. I just want to enlighten you on this fact that you and I are farmers.
Almost everything we do is a form of sowing. As you are reading this article, you are sowing into your life. As I am writing this, I am sowing into the life (the soul) of the reader.  Words are seeds. Actions are seeds. An effort is a seed. Prayer is a seed. A gift is a seed. What we listen to is a form of seed as well.  Seeds germinate, some take a long period of time while some don’t take long. Germination must occur before the plant completely matures. Most of us just want to collect, collect and collect. Not many people want to give something. But sowing is majorly about investment. Gotta put something in to get something back. How we behave or act is as a result of what we have within us. What we have within are basically the things we have allowed to get into us. The principles, the doctrines, the ideologies, the mindsets through what we have exposed our eyes and ears to. 
This is not a deep post. I know…but I just want us to know that whatever we do or say to ourselves or others is a seed. So sow the right seed to yourself and others. Invest well in yourself, invest well in people. One of the most common forms of investment is Building Investment. This is good but it’s way  much better and safer to invest in others. The building can lose its durability or usefulness after a particular period of time while the good seeds you have sown in people can last forever in their hearts and lives generally. Be nice, Speak good about and to yourself and others, read books, listen to songs that make you better as a person instead of the ones that mess with your mind and morals, be careful of what you expose your eyes to. Bible says seed time and harvest time shall not cease just like day and night cannot cease as well as summer and winter seasons (Gen8:22). What we sow will germinate and materialize sooner or later, so if you have been sowing right already, keep it up and don’t give up. Be patient for the harvest, it’s closer than you think. Just like farmers, they have to be patient in order to enjoy the harvest of the seed sown (See Gal6:9). If you have not been sowing right, begin to sow right so you will reap right. Remember…………we are all farmers!
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  1. Glad to see you and the holy spirit finally whipped up something. Its simple…..true but its good to be reminded (of things that have become so familiar to us that they’ve lost their value) every once in a while

    1. Great article….Ayo
      Am a farmer…😃 I hope to sow seeds of righteousness in fertiled soils

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