Power supply or light, as we Nigerians normally call it, is one of the things we cherish most. We tend to appreciate it more during times when we have been deprived of it for a long while. So there is this ecstatic feeling within us when ‘they bring the light’. Oh, the relief from heat, darkness and low phone batteries.

Darkness can make a house filled with treasures like gold and diamonds seem underrated or useless or irrelevant, all because nobody knows & sees what it contains, even the people living in it. Since the tenants got into the house, they have been having light issues, especially with the power going into the light bulbs. Even if an alternative current came in – generator or inverter- the light bulbs still had issues.  Anyway, I trust my naija guys, the moment light comes into the house and they find out its content, owo ti de niyen!( money has come). In no time, these valuable contents would be utilized.

What if all this while, there was actually light around the house? Like in the area where the house is situated. Just that the people failed to properly switch over to ‘NEPA’ light. Kai, e go pain! Anyway, when they finally come to this realization, they would feel ashamed of themselves, as they have been the one depriving themselves all this while. On the plus side though, they would be enlightened.

From John1: 9, we can see that Jesus is the True Light that gives light to every man. ‘Every man’, so there’s no religious segregation. He that created man knows man more than man knows himself. This Light, unlike ‘NEPA’ light is always and steadily available for every man, but man has to properly switch over to This Light otherwise he won’t know what he’s made of, he won’t know the treasure(s) God has put in him, he won’t know his potential, he won’t know his real worth… just like those that lived inside the house didn’t know what it contained until they properly switched over and got enlightened. Once they switched over, they needed to remain connected so they could discover more treasures in the house and truly see, know and utilize its beauty and worth.

Get and stay properly connected to the Ultimate Power/Light Source today and be enlightened about your true self.


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