What’s good my people?! I hope everything is. Even if it doesn’t seem as if everything is good, it would eventually be good if you want it to be and as a result, declare it to be good. You know it’s funny how sometimes when I ask people ‘What’s good?’ and they say ‘Nothing much’.  I am like ‘Nothing much ke?!’  ‘Nothing much is good?’ I prefer the ‘Everything is good’ reply, whether it feels or seems good, declaring goodness actually births goodness.  I don’t blame or judge them though, they’ve been so used to being asked ‘What’s up?’ and routinely replying ‘Nothing much’. So they reply with that, most times unconsciously. This is exactly one of the problems we have these days. Almost everything is done routinely, based on the normal level, based on the procedure. No genuine meaning in the motive behind most of the things we do or say. Notice I’m using ‘we’, so I am also guilty of this.  Anyway that’s not the major issue for today.
I have watched a couple of armed robbery or a stick-up scenes on TV. I praise God I have never actually experienced and will never experience such a thing in my life.  But from what I’ve seen, fear or reverence and surrender or submission are present in the victims of such. The moment the victim sees the gun or the weapon in the hands of the robber pointed towards him, he/she raises his/her hands real quick!  The victim doesn’t want to die so he/she surrenders his/her life to the person that is threatening to take his/her life. How ironical. As a result of the surrender, the man with the weapon is fully in charge.  Regardless of the victim’s financial and social status or reputation, whether huge or little, he/she has to forget all of that and pipe low!  
There’s this song I like very much. It’s titled ‘Casting Crowns’ by Nathaniel Bassey. I have been jamming this tune for a while then all of a sudden the meaning of the lyrics hit me…like a baseball bat! {Some of us just listen to songs without paying attention to the lyrics and actually understanding them. Nice melody, nice beats, shake body and we love the song!}  Anyway, Here are some of the lyrics: ‘Casting crowns, lifting hands, bowing hearts… all we’ve come to do’.  These lyrics are quite synonymous to the actions of the victim(s) of an armed robbery yeah? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Ehen, So what hit me was that casting crowns actually means removing your crown and putting it on the ground (Obviously! You must be thinking, like who didn’t know that). No vex, I know you know more than I do, I be learner. As I was saying…before your thoughts interfered, removing your crown is actually a way of forgetting your high reputation or what you have that makes you big, putting it one side and submitting it and yourself to someone or something of a higher authority. We can also say it is equivalent to humility.  Lifting hands on the other hand is a form of surrender. Surrender is a form of worship. So I think it’s safe to say that whatever or whoever we surrender to is indirectly being worshipped by us. Whoever or whatever we surrender to has a kind of charge over our lives. These meanings also apply to bowing hearts. Bowing is a form of submission. Who or what are you worshipping and submitting to?
The song I talked about above is directed to God Almighty. It’s a worship song to God. I may not be the most qualified to talk about worshipping God because I am not the best worshipper,  a chorister or music director, but I believe we were all created to worship our Creator. It’s not only for the choristers or musicians. Regardless of who or what you are, you were made to worship The One that made you. I personally don’t think there’s much distinction between praise and worship. We Nigerians have successfully separated them due to the tempo of the song, clapping of hands and movement of the body. That’s by the way though, as for today I’m on about who or what we worship and the attitude during the worship. Some of us have to be cajoled to dance while praising God, we have to be told to stand to our feet, we have to be told to do this and that in order to reverence our Maker. But if na thief enter person house with gun, we go pipe low in no time! No need to be told jack! It’s crazy. We are carried away in our supposedly big but actually little self during worship. We feel too big to genuinely, consciously and conspicuously worship God. I actually used to have an issue with dancing in church and all of that, I couldn’t just lose myself in God’s presence. Not like I was all swagged up sef. It was majorly shyness. But by God’s grace, that has changed. The funny thing is I’ve been told I don’t know how to dance. Who cares though? So far I’m using my body to praise and worship my Creator by dancing, I’m good. Bible says we should humble ourselves before God and He’ll exalt us in due time. The exaltation comes after we humble ourselves. You see ehn, this issue is broader than this so I might have to write serially on it. So watch out!
For now though, all I’m saying is, don’t worship or submit to the problems you have by surrendering to them, rather surrender (not just in your singing but your entire life) to The One who can exalt you above dem problems. Also, as you surrender to Him in worship in form of your lifestyle and singing…remember it’s 100% Him and 0% you, no room for shakara or big boy/big girl in His presence so…..PIPE LOW!
Thanks for reading. 

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  1. Another beautiful piece ayobami, truly insightful, funny and ‘you’. Keep up the good work!

  2. Loved this! I need it more than anyone else in the world! God help me to pipe low!

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