Eyin temi(My people) wazz hapnin?! I hope all is well with your spirit, soul and body. All is well with me too, thanks for asking. I’m sorry I have not been too consistent with my writing. Your boy has been busy serving the nation. Teaching is not beans. Dealing with kids has not been rice either but Baba God has been faithful. Also, Living with people of different tribes has taught me a lot these past months.  Anyway, service gist is for another day jare, that’s not why we are here.
Now to what we have on our plate for today… I’m sure most of you fast thinkers must have gone ahead of me to dissect and pieces the topic or title in your mind(s), thinking ‘hmmm, I know what this guy wants to talk about jo, is it not about dressing properly, not sagging, not wearing mini skirts, not wearing dresses that expose delicate parts of the body..etc’  Err, sorry to burst your bubble but that’s not why we are here. We are here for something else. So come back to where my mind is.
We all like quality stuff. Quality designer stuff. Like dem Nike Air Force ones, Adidas Sneakers, Timberland shoes, T.M Lewin, Gucci, LV, D & G, Giorgio Armani, Gigi Buffon…etc.  I’m sure my guys would be like “Gigi buffon ke?”  Please don’t crucify me, the name just sounds like a designer’s name.  I guess that’s as far as I know or can go with the designer names. You know how celebrities get interviewed on the red carpets at major or minor events and the person interviewing goes ‘So what are you wearing?’ then the celebrity starts from the head to the toe. It’s really cool you know. When you are wearing authentic stuff and you actually know the value of what you are wearing, you say it with confam confidence and pride. Like a boss!  As for me, I hardly even know the name of the perfume I use. No time, I just want to smell good (yea I know I need to work on that though). Sometimes or most times, when you are wearing authentic or fake stuff, you don’t even need to speak. The quality of what you are wearing can speak for itself.
The red carpet is like the earth we live in. Where the show off of what we are really made of occurs. The interviewers are like the people we meet or relate with everyday, as well as the situations we face everyday. These people and situations are always asking us the question ‘Hey, What are you wearing?!’ it’s either we respond vocally or what we are wearing would speak for itself.  Now let’s get a bit spiritual…….
We are quite familiar with the scripture that says as Christians, we are to put on the whole armor of God. The shield of faith, sword of the Spirit, Helmet of salvation, breastplate of righteousness, you know the rest (Ephesians 6:13-18). You see, I have learnt to not limit the interpretation of scripture to just one. The Word of God is multidimensional. Let the Holy Spirit be the guide of the perspectives in which you see the scripture from.  That’s by the way though!     Another scripture says we are to put on Christ (Rom13:14) then another one talks about us being the ‘Aroma/Fragrance of Christ’ to God and to the people around us (2Cor2:14-16). The things we put on have designers or manufacturing brands. Whether it’s make-up, perfume, dresses or shoes, the value of the designer is attached to his/her reputation. Also, the reputation of the designer can affect the reputation of the ‘wearer’ of the product.  As a ‘Big boy/girl’, you obviously can’t be wearing things of little or no value. Doing such can tarnish your ‘Big boy/Big girl’ image or reputation.
The same thing goes for we Christians, we can’t just be wearing anyhow things. By ‘things’, I don’t mean physical dresses and all. I mean in form of character, in form of attitude. The things we are to wear have been designed by Christ Jesus, The Master Designer. The Designer with the best and highest reputation ever. Scripture says The Lord is The Spirit, it also says the fruit of The Spirit is love. This fruit contains other character traits like joy, longsuffering, kindness, gentleness..etc (2cor3:17, Gal5:22). {There is a big connection between Gal5:22-23 and 1Cor13:4-8}.  A fruit is a product. Jesus and The Holy Spirit are one. Hence, the product of Jesus is love, which yields others as mentioned above. The fact that you can’t see these traits manifest doesn’t mean they are not present, just like the fact that you don’t wear a Polo shirt that you have doesn’t mean you don’t have it in your wardrobe. As, Christians, these things we are to put on that have been designed by Christ, are in us, right in our spirit man(where The Spirit resides), we just need to bring ‘em out and practically put ‘em on.
So we are to respond to the world’s question of “Hey, What are you wearing?” by practically showing love in form of gentleness, longsuffering, kindness, faith, joy, meekness, goodness and temperance to the people we meet everyday and to the situations we are faced with everyday. This way, we are saying “Hey, I’m putting on Jesus Christ all through!” or “Hey, I’m putting on joy, goodness, kindness, faith..etc all designed by Jesus Christ!”

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  1. Oro niyen. Its just so funny how we have so much in our wardrobe(love, goodness, joy abbl) but we chose to go out of the wardrobe and borrow pose the exact opposite lol
    Thank you so much for this post Awizzz

  2. I absolutely love this piece. I think this is your best one yet. Its amazing how the holy spirit is always ready to explain seemingly familiar scriptures to us in different ways. Thanks for allowing yourself be used as a vessel. A truly beautiful and insightful piece!

  3. Gigi Buffon..?!! hahahahaha! Can’t get over that! Thanks for always being a blessing Ayo!

  4. “The quality of what you are wearing can speak for itself” won’t work in Naija, it’s almost hard to distinguish the fakes from the original 😀 :-D… Nice angle tho …putting on Jesus Christ and everything He represents

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