Enjoyment…….. Some years ago, Olu Maintain made the popular song Yahooze that has the lyrics (translated to English): ‘some people have come to life to work, some people have come to life to make money, some have come to life to enjoy life, some have come to life to drink’   ‘Enjoy life’ here has many definitions based on different perspectives and beliefs. So I’m here thinking, what does it actually mean to enjoy life? A particular set of people may say, it means to travel overseas, to sleep daily in an air-conditioned room, to eat good food, to watch movies, to have money, to be comfortable, to be retired, to sleep for a very long period, to have a pretty damsel beside you looking into your eyes when you wake up every morning, to have no worries (which someone claimed to be impossible, hence enjoying life is impossible) hmmm. A particular friend said, ‘to enjoy life is all about the mindset and the attitude’ he went on to say that someone can have money and not enjoy life while someone can be poor and still not enjoy life, he also said a rich person can be wealthy and enjoy life and a poor person can also enjoy life, regardless of his financial status. Whether rich or poor, his countenance portrays enjoyment. It’s all about the mindset, attitude and perspective. Another friend of mine said it’s all about freedom or liberty. This definition hit me like a baseball bat (figuratively, that is…… Obviously!). If a blind man was to be asked to give his own definition, he’ll probably say it means, to have sight. But when he gets this sight and begins to see, his perspective of enjoying life would change because he has began to see things from a different angle. When he receives his sight, he has been set free from the bondage of blindness.  Another blind man may have a different perspective, he would definitely love to receive sight but at the same time still be able to enjoy life even in that blind state. So, it’s a two way thing. Cos really, the fact that you are disabled in one way or the other or don’t have some certain abilities you wish you had, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy life. You might have your own definition as well, depending on whatever you want to base it on, be it experience, belief or something you read. You can share it as you comment.
As for me, I would say enjoying life involves freedom, enlightenment, perspective, mindset and outlook. It’s more like the end result is the outlook. Someone that is in bondage, someone that is blind (physically or/and spiritually), someone with the wrong perspective and a faulty mindset or mentality would definitely have a dull outlook and hence, wouldn’t portray that he or she is not enjoying life. I believe you can’t enjoy anything if you don’t actually have joy within you. Joy, not happiness. Happiness is based on pleasure that is triggered by things or people around you. So the moment there is no triggering by anything or people, there is no happiness. It is based on feelings. Joy on the other hand, is not dependent on what happens outside, something doesn’t exactly need to happen around you for joy to be present. I’m a great believer in naming and the meaning behind it or the effect of the name on the individual. For example, I was given the name, Ayobami (Joy has come to me) and I can testify that joy has been indeed present in my life. It has even been more present since I got set free from the bondage of sin through Jesus, since I began to get enlightened through God’s word and since my mindset began to change thanks to God’s word as well. So all this result to a bright outlook. Those that know me well know that I shine my teeth a lot and laugh a lot. I’m forever grateful to God for this attitude.
In John10:10, Jesus said something awesome. From the amplified translation, ‘The thief comes only in order to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance (to the full, till it overflows)’ There are born again Christians out there that still don’t have this bright outlook as a result of enjoying life. This is due to the fact that what Jesus actually said was ‘that they may have and enjoy life’ so it’s conditional, it’s up to you and I to actually accept that life and consciously enjoy it on a daily basis. Jesus gives joy, He gives life (the real life), and gives the ability to enjoy the life. All we need to do is to receive the offer and the ability and change our attitude and mindset towards enjoying life. It is the bright outlook that shows the overflow of that life and attracts others to us and the source of our joy (Jesus). So my people, na how you take see am o, you can’t have joy without Jesus and even when you have Jesus, you still have to consciously receive and enjoy that life He came to give us in everything we do. 

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  1. Awesome!!! This is indeed well expressed. I will like to say that enjoyment in life has to do with what we have passion for and most times derive pleasure in it. I have a friend that usually says if I don’t preach or talk to someone in a day about Christ he can’t just be alright and this is how he lives is life and he enjoys what he does but for me its a different ball game. The best way I like to enjoy life is to help people with whatever I have in seeing that we all attain a better lifestyle.

  2. #Life

    Life is worth living no matter how I want to look at it.

    Life is interesting to whom that understands life.

    Life is a teacher, the more you live the more you learn.

    Life is full of shocking surprises and unexpected situations.

    Life is good, if you can make your life count by seeing the good part of life.

    Life is task giving, only those that are prepared will subdue it.

    Sweet and Bitter times of life are most crucial in one’s life, when it is sweet learn from life and focus on a long lasting sweetness.

    And if on the other hand it becomes bitter don’t spit it out rather chew it and digest It, then learn from the bitter experience of life and work on it. It is a way of defining who you will become.

      1. Powerful brother, inspiring, motivating and mind blowing… It’s just simple my brother…. It’s all about Mindset and Outlook Just as Romans 12:1-2 says….

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