Mr Claykinson and Mr Chairman lived in the same environment for a very long time before they diverged and moved on. They grew up in the same neighborhood and lived the struggle life but looking at both of them now you could tell the discrepancy of appearance and disposition. Nothing had changed in Mr Claykinson’s life, same old brown-looking-not-very-clean man while a whole lot had changed in Mr Chairman’s life, brown looking as well but looking, feeling and acting beautifully polished.  The two of them decided to hang out at a restaurant one day. Their conversation goes thus:

Mr Claykinson : Chair baba how far now?  Long time no see!

Mr ChairmanMy oga clay! Yeso, long time. I dey well. How are you?

Mr Claykinson : I am alright my brother, still avoiding that Mr Man jare. Him and his promises to make me a better person if I can allow him. I no fit trust am.

Mr ChairmanOga clay you and this your everlasting disbelief in Mr man. Are you sure it’s not more than this disbelief?

Mr ClaykinsonYeso, my trust issues but oh boy, I am too messy abeg! I doubt if Mr man would be interested in me with all my yama-yama. In other news, my guy see as you freshhh, tah you are looking brand new! Bobo show me the way na

Mr Chairmanhaha na the same Mr man you dey run from dey do am o. Remember back then – even though I’m made of wood- I was quite as messy as you are now; looking unkempt. Although he took me through series of processes to beautify me like this, it wasn’t easy o, I just had to trust him and endure the painstaking processes. You sef allow am o, remember he was kuku the one that brought us to this environment we lived together as kids.

Mr Claykinson : Wow! You don’t mean it! You mean that Mr man did this?! I used to think he was just one man with so much history about how he brought us to this environment o. Okay I would think about it, my brother.

Now I know this may not be the best conversation trend ever but I believe you should get a little of the picture, if not all of it. I am not an expert in the field of ceramics or works of potters but one thing I know is, by merely looking at a clay, a potter sees what that clay can become, he sees the beauty in the clay even in its present messy state. He sees beyond the mess. Just like every refining or pruning process, he gets rid of the thing causing the messiness in the clay, i.e the impurities. Let me not get all chemistry on you with all dem terms. He would remove the thing causing the yama-yama, ehen. The removal is done so as to commence the beautification process.

This is the little I know about potters and clays but one other major thing is the fact the clay cannot be beautified if it is just lying aimlessly on the ground or probably avoiding the Mr man (i.e the potter in this case), it has to be in the hands of the potter for it to be beautifully transformed by the potter.

This analogy obviously isn’t rocket science. We as human beings are naturally messy (Especially when we don chop something wey pass our bele). Even in our messy state, we crave beauty. It’s one thing craving beauty, it’s another thing to get up and get the beauty.

God wants to remold us (you and i) into something much better than what we are presently. So we need to go to Him to undergo that beautification process. Just like a girl, lady or woman, It takes quite a long time to get your hair done beautifully at a salon…but it’s worth the long wait right?  On the plus side, we have God – flawless in everything He has done, He is doing and will ever do – who is wonderfully interested in taking away our mess and beautifying us, provided we go to Him.

By His grace, I am already undergoing the beautification process and I am inviting you to join me if you are not undergoing it yet. Genuinely give your life to Christ Jesus today, ask Him to forgive you for your sins(mess) and to come into your heart. Begin the beautiful transformation today! Jesus loves you and can’t wait to start transforming you!
( Ref: see Jeremiah 18:1-6)

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  1. Thanks bro,thanks for your concern about the lost sheeps,many people doesn’t know that all means of communication is supposed to be used to preach the gospel at this END time………merci.

  2. Wonderful story…. Really short but tells a lot about being steadfast in God and never losing faith.. The Lord that has granted you this wisdom to impact into peoples live will never leave you again. Nice work bro am really proud of what you doing

  3. Indeed when Mr. Man(God) take you through the beautification process you will be able to tell him what you see when he asked.

  4. Your posts are so original and thought provoking, I love particularly the way you portrayed your message on this one, keep up the good work man….May you be blessed to inspire more people with your writings

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