This is a statement/sentence/lyric I like very much. Not because I am a big fan of drake or anything, I guess I just like the way he said it in the song and most especially because of the motive of achievement behind it. The feeling of achievement is certainly a wonderful one.   Now I don’t know if this is an engrossing introduction to the yan I want to yan  today but whichever way I hope you keep reading as I pour out the things I presently have on my mind by pressing words…….get it? Press wor..? nah never mind.
I have noticed something about testimony time in churches these days, or at least in the churches I have attended. The duration attached to testimony time  during services seems too short for me sometimes. For some reason I observed that after giving a testimony or some testimonies, I don’t feel satisfied. I feel restrained, due to the time factor, to quickly testify so I usually forget to give other testimonies. Anyway, I thank God I have a lot to thank God for. I am sure even you reading this would have a lot to thank Him for. Afterall, you have eyes and brain to see and read all you have been reading so far. You can even hear what you are reading. You even have the mouth to vocally criticize this post as much as you want. Man you also have the fingers to positively or negatively type a comment on this post. How fortunate and blessed you are! That’s by the way though.
So back to why we are here, I want to thank God for distinctively seeing me through my BSc education in industrial chemistry, Caleb University. I had been told its best to start very well. But it all started very awkward, having missed 3 months of the first semester of my first year, with just some weeks to exams I didn’t know how exactly I was going to pull this off. During these 3 months I missed I was already trying to get used to life as a foundation student in Unilag. Mind you, the admission to caleb uni came before the foundation admission of unilag but I thought to myself ‘maaan, who knows caleb uni compared to Unilag’ , I mean like half of my ss3 homies were going to lag so I snubbed caleb’s admission. Oh boy, life in lag was so much struggle, change of course issues, accommodation issues etc. It seemed like I was forcing everything to happen for my good. Last last it occurred to me that I couldn’t continue there. This left me with 2 choices – retaking JAMB or inquiring if I could still get into caleb. After much thought, I went for the latter. So after inquiring, I did all that was required and resumed. Making new friends all over again, photocopying lecture notes I had missed, writing tests, doing assignments and crazily reading for exams. All these in the space of 2-3 weeks or so. It wasn’t beans, neither was it rice but God helped me. The mind-blowing thing is that I didn’t even have a relationship with God through Jesus as at then, just some little faith based on church services and devotion times, but Baba came through for me during this period. I remember when the HOD of physics said some painful things to me that almost made me tear up. All because I was just resuming and wanted him to sign the physics part of my course form. He accused me of resuming late and thinking I could just come anytime and cheat my way through till the end. Ah, e pain me! After everything, he still didn’t sign and what pained me the most was the fact that he wasn’t even the one to sign for me. But reminiscing on that now, I believe it was all part of God’s plan, for me to meet him and hear all he said and use it to inspire me to work hard and all.  Exams came, with my little faith in God, I did my best, fell ill towards the end. New semester was here and it was time to check results, was quite scared but when I heard my results, I just knew…like the magicians in the days of moses, that this was the finger of God. So I decided to take God seriously and He began to take me more seriously and kept taking me high academically beyond my imaginations and what I believed I was capable of.
March 2012, God saved me. He saved me from the power of sin, from many things, among which was my faulty mentality of already being saved because God was helping me with school and I was consistent in going to church and for devotion and tweeting about God. Then I started seeing things from a much better perspective. Thank God for Jesus!
I have a lot to share with you and thank God for but this is where I would like to stop. I am just using this as an avenue to share these testimonies. At least here I don’t have to quickly talk and end up forgetting some things. I thank God for seeing me through the ups and downs I experienced, for healing during times of sickness, for provision, protection, His love, grace and mercy and most importantly for saving me during my time there and making me finish in flying colors. So I can say, Started from the bottom now I’m here! or better still, started from the bottom now I’m saved! (if you ain’t saved, you missing!)  Now I know that it was all God’s plan, going to lag then resuming at caleb late, giving me no other choice but to work hard and trust Him , then drawing me to Him through His help in my academics, I had always been an average student but He lifted me up and out of darkness into His marvelous light. God will go any length to draw you to Him, so be wise, get the picture, accept His love offering (in form of the cross) and get close to Him while you can.   HE LOVES YOU AND WANTS TO HELP YOU TOO.
Started from the bottom now we here? Nah man, we never reach…with God we stay heading to the top, got no business with gravity.

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  1. BEE YOU TEE FUU!!!…this is so u,cud imagine ur expressions and demo when u writing this.

  2. Oh wow! This is so cool! Thank God for you! I remember those beginning days and judging by the man you’ve become now, I can only say ‘wow’! Keep the flag flying Mr. Wright! God is definitely not done with you!

  3. Amazing post Awizz. Reading your story not only gives those of us coming behind more Hope and More courage to press forward and achieve those goals that we so desperately crave for, but it reaffirms our Believes that the Lord stands by those who are His. Thanks.

  4. Thank GOD for you bro. I was touched and inspired by this article! We’re all going higher.

  5. Wow nice one! Congrats again nd I lyk dat last part got no business with gravity lol..

  6. The Glory of the latter is definitely greater than the former..Not only is this write up encouraging and inspiring,it also signifies the potency in the name of Jesus..There’s no greater power or authority..I’m a witness to your testimony and I can really testify to God’s goodness in your life..tracing back from primary school till now…hmm..all I can say is this is just an iota of the greater things God is going to do in your life…The sky is just your starting point..Welldone Mr Ayobami Wright!

  7. Nice work bro,you for go arts naa instead of us battling the Schrödinger equation. It was really nice to have come across someone like you and truly with God, gravity is the least of our concerns..keep it up

  8. A great testimony indeed. God does work in mysterious ways that are totally incomprehensible to our feeble minds. God is only just getting started with you. Nice one Mr Wright.

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