It is expedient for you to know that this is probably one of the most random posts you are ever going to read in your life. I am saying this because I have a lot in my mind I would like to write about, the problem is I just don’t know where exactly to start from.
The 1st thing on my mind as I write this is how I am going to write a perfect post, you know…a post that can inspire you the reader to do something good with your life or make a good decision that would benefit you in the near future and also to get encouraging comments or compliments for such a perfect and wonderful post. But that is the issue nowadays, we all want to be so perfect and flawless in whatever we do that we almost, if not entirely, live out being as real as we can and should be in all we do. This issue as a result has led to the rampant increase in ‘china-made’ products in the world (or my world). By ‘china-made’ products, I don’t mean phones, gadgets and all. I mean ‘china-made’ attitudes. The desperate pursuit of perfection has led to compromising originality. Everyone wants to be like the other person, not caring or doing any research on what the person has gone through in life to get to where he or she is at the moment. Whether it’s decent or not, ‘I just wanna be like that guy or that babe’. Now don’t misconstrue me, I am not saying admiring or looking up to someone is a bad thing. I have realized, from the little time I have spent on earth, that there is a very thin line between admiring/looking up to someone and mimicking/imitating the person. Mimicking the person becomes a major problem if he or she does not have a decent personality. You end up following the person’s footsteps and creating for yourself an indecent personality which in turn can lead another person looking up to you to the same or even more indecency. In a nutshell, as Joyce Meyer said, No one can be you-er than you and that’s truer than true’.  Be yourself, through your lifestyle follow and create steps that would lead whoever is following you to a decent and godly personality.
Another thing on my mind as I write this is the issue of not knowing exactly what the future holds for me. Because of this issue, I can decide to sit down and begin to worry about what to do after my 1st degree, where to go, why I am on earth, how to go about doing what I am to do after school and how to go about going to where I am to go and all. I can actually spend a whole day worrying about all these and many other things I haven’t even mentioned here.  The reason why I may decide to do this, as I have realized, is based on the fact that we live in a worrisome environment where the reaction of an average person to a challenging situation is to worry. I have learnt that worrying about an issue does not solve the issue, it rather gives the issue more siblings. Jesus has already told us in Matthew 6; 2534 that worrying about tomorrow doesn’t add an hour to our life, so why on earth should I even decide to worry in the 1st place. One mind-blowing thing about what He said in this text is that; even the animals and plants that are lower than the humans do not worry about tomorrow, that means worrying is a very belittling act in which humans engage in.
Hence, instead of worrying about what my future holds, I decide to be happy because I know the One that holds my future and He has a bright future for me, so no lele!! I substitute the decision to be worrisome for being happy and trusting Jesus to get me to that bright future. If you are in my shoes, having the same issue, I advise you to do the same.
These are the things on my mind. Thanks for reading.

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