Outta the jinx!

Finally! I’m finally writing! wooohoo! good to back,though i never left,I was just waiting…patiently waiting for the perfect moment to start but you know what they say(wait o,what do they actually say?) somethimg like ‘don’t wait for the moment,grab or seize the moment..blah blah’. Anyway! the issue is I’m writing now,thank God.

Okay truth be told,I don’t really have anything in particular to write but I want you to stay hooked to this blog as I press words (get it?presswords – wordpress? ok forget) for you to read. But I would love to type some really inspiring stuff to inspire you as you read,you know,something like ‘if you fall down,you gotta get back up’ like ‘if you fail a test,make sure you keep your head up and prepare better for the next one’  like ‘the past is the past so let it pass like Paul Scholes or Xavi’ you know,some deep stuff like ‘It is Well!’  *sigh* Maybe as I improve as a writer,things like that would come up..so until then,stay tuned! or rather,stay pressed! better still,stay blessed!


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  1. Either way, the glory of God remains ever upon you…He will inspire you…Thank you for @ least saying something…

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