I have a dream

I have a dream that one day we are going to work it out

That some day,everything is going to be sorted out

If you aren’t in my shoes you won’t know what I’m talking about

Though it may seem impossible like a whispering tout

I know my redeemer liveth

Instead of living with regrets and getting depressed

Or easing my pain through weed or cigarettes

I’ll just relax and let God’s glory manifest

So just like Dr. Martin Luther King,I also have a dream

To be amongst the final winning team

The team that would get to heaven and worship the King of kings

Lord of lords,Prince of peace,the creator of every being

I have a dream that one day everyone would turn to Jesus and be saved

That the stupid ones would start to behave

That the timid ones would get brave

And the enslaved ones would finally be free and get out of their unknown caves.

I have a dream

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