Better days

Better is the end than the beginning,solomon said

So through the eyes of faith,I see better days ahead

Well that leaves me ignoring some of the things I’ve heard

Then living and building upon the things I’ve read

Right now,a lot of things are happening

A lot of ups and downs,life is like a trampoline

But I gotta look way beyond everything I’m seeing

Making my conviction based on the things that are unseen

Today looks kind of blurry

Its like I can’t wait for tomorrow,I’m boosted in hurry

So I’m spending more time praying just to kill the worries

I’m giving my load to Christ because its heavy like some Lagos lorries

Because He said ‘come to me you who are heavy laden and I will give u rest’

Now I’ll just lean back,relax and let my faith manifest

Cos hey,I’m too blessed to be stressed

Its a phase in life i gotta pass

Because I know that this is just a test.

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